Garden tables

Types of garden tables

The choice of garden tables is not easy. Several aspects of the problem need to be considered. In the first instance it must be considered that the space to be calculated also includes the chairs and therefore when the measurements are carried out we will also consider the space occupied by the chairs. Secondly we have to decide on the material. If our table is exposed to the elements, it is necessary to choose a material that does not deteriorate easily. So no to wood and untreated metal, but yes to plastic and treated materials. As for portability, we can opt for foldable and easily movable models. In addition to the folding models on the market there are various models with wheels, however it is advisable to evaluate the presence of lockable wheels to avoid tedious movements of the table during activities.

Garden table material

The materials that make up the garden tables are many and often used in combination with each other. The most used are sure those of a plastic nature. Plastic is versatile, weatherproof. The real value of this material lies in its easy availability. It is also very light as a material and makes it very movable. Among the various materials we remember the metal. To be used in outdoor environments, the metal must undergo specific treatments that make it waterproof and resistant. We recall, for example, galvanizing. Specifically, metal is not recommended if you need to move the table, as it is usually heavy and cannot be moved. Furthermore, the most popular models are those in which the table support surface is made of stone while the base is made of iron. Another material widely used for garden tables is wood. Aesthetically very good, it has drawbacks for the outside due to its low resistance to atmospheric agents.

Prices of garden tables

The prices of garden tables are variable, especially based on the material and size. The materials have a significant impact on the price. Suffice it to say that even well-made plastic tables usually have much lower prices than stone or iron tables. Depending on the quality, the plastic can be used both in summer and in winter, but the price is still low, as a rule it does not exceed a hundred euros. Different speech for the metal, this material is very expensive, especially in this period, moreover it must also be treated. All this makes the price rise considerably, even under a thousand euros, if the work is then artisanal. Another material is stone, which may or may not be cheap depending on the make. There are series models,

Garden tables: the best tables on the market

Not wanting to turn to a craftsman, you can turn to one of the many furniture stores that provides many models of garden tables. The department stores have both international and national brands within them. The most popular are certainly Chinese products but there are also many European and Italian factories. One of the most innovative and particular companies from the design point of view is certainly “Maison du monde”, a brand that contains many styles within it. On the other hand, if we want to go for valid styles and acceptable qualities, we also remind you that “Ikea” offers economic and functional outdoor products for outdoor furniture as well. There are also a lot of small companies, often even close to home that produce tables, such as “Fabbrica Tavoli”,

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