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Fast growing trees

In choosing the most suitable tree for your garden, you must certainly take into consideration several factors: the space available, the type of soil, the light, the climatic conditions and the temperature. Surely if you have an empty space in your garden you don’t want to wait years to fill it, so a fast growing plant is the best choice. The most used plants are acacia, maple, magnolia, linden and birch. Fruit trees such as mulberry and chestnut are also very popular. The tree with the fastest growth is certainly the chestnut, in just five years it can reach 20 meters in height. If in addition to the shade of a tree you also want a touch of color, you can choose mimosa or acacia; also do not forget the bushy tree and the evergreen,


The prices of ornamental garden trees vary a lot and also in this case depend on the needs of the buyer. The prices are very varied so it is possible to fill your garden even by spending little; fruit trees are cheaper, for example a persimmon plant costs around 40 euros, a cherry tree varies between 70 and 80 euros, while an apricot plant costs between 80 and 120. As for garden trees the higher the prices go up, but you can still buy a maple from 60 euros, up to 200 euros (as regards the larger specimens). Since there are countless types of trees, there are countless types of prices; surely if you want you will have to spend more than 300 euros, while for a still small birch a euro train is enough.

Large garden trees

Those with a large garden will surely love walking in the shade of a large and majestic tree. Oak is certainly the most suitable for this role, beautiful and long-lasting, on average it reaches 30-35 meters in height, but can easily reach 50 meters. Conifers are probably in second place of the large trees used in Italian gardens, cypress and maritime pine are splendid in any season. Lovers of the exotic will certainly appreciate the avocado tree, the plant can reach 20 meters in height and fits well in the central / southern part of our peninsula. Maple does not fit all places in Italy, but if you have a cool and not too sunny corner, it will give you incredible effects in autumn and spring.

Garden tree: Small garden trees

Small trees are perfect for those with a small garden, they are very decorative and can be kept at the desired height with the right pruning, for example Japanese maple can be shaped to obtain unique shapes. The most frequent species are: wisteria (also suitable for terraces and enclosed spaces), the star tree, laburnum and bignonia. Another plant that develops little and is very widespread is the flowering hawthorn. The large variety of these plants can be used to create unique effects in the limited space available, such as the blue dwarf fir, which planted on the sides of the driveway, gives a sense of depth to the garden making it appear larger. Fruit plants are often smaller than the others, so in autumn, in addition to the magnificent colors of the foliage,

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