Garden trees

Garden trees: mimosa

Garden trees must be chosen taking into account the sun exposure, the climate and all the conditions that characterize it but also the effect you want to create. If you want to see it always green and flowery, opt for Mimosa or Acacia dealbata. Belonging to the Leguminosae family and native to south-east Australia and Tasmania, there are several varieties. It is an ornamental plant that keeps its leaves all year round. Symbol of women’s day, it is characterized by its spherical and fragrant yellow flowers and by the bipinnate green leaves. Easy to cultivate, it loves warm temperatures, it must be lived in an acid soil, deep and well drained, in a sunny area, irrigated often in summer and less in winter, avoiding stagnation of water and fertilized periodically.

Dwarf palm: for an exotic garden

Palms are garden trees that lend themselves to giving an exotic touch to the outdoor environment. There are different varieties and many lend themselves to vegetating even in harsh climatic conditions. Belonging to the Palmaceae, they are characterized by their robust and thick stems and by the leaves that grow in tufts on the top of the trunk, which can be pinnate or palmate, in this case they assume the leaf of a fan. The yellowish flowers are closed in a particular oval leaf called «spata» while the fruits are formed by a kind of stone. The Dwarf palm or San Pietro palm, originally from Africa and which does not exceed one meter in height, is the one that is cultivated and also grows spontaneously in Italy. It needs to be lived in sunny areas and in soft soil, rich in humus and watered frequently,

The large flowers of the Magnolia

For those who love flowering and elegant trees, Magnolia is an ornamental plant, very widespread and appreciated for its ability to brighten outdoor spaces with its flowers. Belonging to the Magnoliaceae family, native to North America and East Asia, it takes its name from the French botanist Pierre Magnol, who first brought it to Europe. Magnolia grandiflora is the most widespread variety in Italy, it is an evergreen tree, which can reach 25 meters. Its large canopy makes it suitable for growing in large gardens. It is characterized by bright green leaves and large and fragrant flowers. To live and vegetate it needs sun, but it also lives well in partial shade,

Fruit trees: citrus

Among the garden trees you cannot miss lemons, peaches, apricots and other varieties, which in addition to giving a touch of color to the environment, can offer delicious fruits, to be pleasantly enjoyed as soon as they are picked. The lemon or orange trees are perfectly suited to living and developing even in small gardens. Citrus fruits are evergreen plains that during the previous year are filled with characteristic white flowers, which in autumn and winter give way to lemons, oranges or mandarins. Relative to the lemon there are variants, which bloom and offer their fruit several times a year and which do not require particular attention. They need sun, well-drained soil, regular irrigation, especially in summer, and pruned once a year.

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