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How to choose a garden umbrella: space and utility

Summer is the time of year when people want to be outdoors enjoying the sun and warm weather. When it comes to relaxing or having a meal outside, no one wants the sun to hit the table. A garden umbrella is a great way to provide shade for a patio or garden. There are many different types of garden umbrellas: what you need to do is just the one you like best and that best matches your garden and outdoor furniture. This guide aims to help you choose the right garden umbrella for your space. You can make your final choice based on the type of umbrella, frame and its dimensions. Whatever type of umbrella you are looking for, you can easily find it by taking a few turns in furniture stores or online shops be they small or large. In this regard, we mention the now famous eBay site, where you can have a wide choice of garden umbrellas.

Materials for choosing a garden umbrella: aluminum

Not all garden umbrellas are the same: choosing the right type for you is an important step. The term «parasol» actually refers to any type of umbrella that is used to provide shade during leisure activities. Garden umbrellas are available in various shapes and colors: their quality varies greatly depending on the materials used and their destination. The three main types of materials used to build the frames of garden umbrellas are: aluminum, fiberglass and wood. Each material offers its own advantages: the best option actually depends on personal preferences and the environment in which the parasol will be used. Aluminum is the most used material to make umbrella poles. This metal is in fact light, durable, and has a nice and affordable appearance. In addition, aluminum is corrosion resistant and can stand outdoors in all weather conditions.

Materials for choosing a garden umbrella: wood and fiberglass

Parasols with a wooden structure are perhaps the most expensive type. The wooden structure has a very sophisticated and elegant appearance. Most wooden parasols are used to use the garden in your free time, but they are not as durable as aluminum structures. In fact, a wooden structure will not be able to withstand prolonged exposure to rain, sun and cold temperatures. Also, due to the nature of the wood, they can generally only be opened and tilted manually and do not rotate. On the other hand, fiberglass frame umbrellas are perhaps the most durable. Fiberglass is light, flexible and resistant to wind and weather. Since the umbrella is flexible, it can bend slightly in strong winds without breaking. Furthermore,

Garden umbrella: What are the ideal dimensions for a garden umbrella?

Choosing the right size umbrella is important: it needs to provide a large amount of shade. When a parasol is used together with a table that is too small, problems can arise as people may not be protected from the sun. In addition, a garden umbrella that is too large for a table can easily fall and knock everything down. The standard umbrella is 2 meters long. It is important that the umbrella extends well beyond the edge of the table, so that people are protected from the sun. One thing to keep in mind when deciding to buy a garden umbrella is the fact that as the size of the umbrella goes up, so does its price. Buyers can therefore save money by buying an umbrella of the right size.

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