Garden wells

The garden wells

Since garden wells no longer fulfill their previous function of providing water for domestic use, it is no longer necessary to design and carry out excavations and specialist hydraulic engineering interventions. If you want to build a real well, it is inevitable that you have to request the intervention of professionals in the sector. However, if you just want to have a decorative element of undoubted effectiveness in the garden, the simplest and cheapest solution is to make a fake well yourself. The most striking option is a garden wellin stone. It is not difficult to make: solid bricks, brick adhesive, a level and good will are enough. All of these materials (except the last one, of course) can be easily found in any DIY or building materials store.

Before starting, it is necessary to carefully examine the soil of the garden in order to choose the place where to make the well. Warning: garden wells need absolutely flat ground, so it is advisable to use the level to make sure. Once the optimal point has been found (from an aesthetic and functional point of view), the circular perimeter of the well must be traced (the diameter must be about 50 centimeters). Prepare the adhesive for the bricks by adding water and mixing well. It is therefore possible to proceed with the construction of the well, placing rows of bricks on the line of the circle, one on the other. The procedure to follow is this: lay a first row of bricks, spread a layer of glue with a spatula. Place a second row and so on. Attention: to place the bricks of the second row, you have to start from the middle of one of the bricks in the lower row. Continue arranging the rows until the pit has reached 90 centimeters in height. For the last two rows, the bricks must be placed perpendicular to the first row and the gaps between the bricks must be filled using glue.

Elements of decoration in a well

Garden wells (even stone ones) can be perfected by adding a wrought iron arch, to resemble a real well as much as possible. If you also want to add a pulley, it is better to contact a blacksmith. Another way to further decorate our well is to adopt an external coating: its function will be to protect the surface of the well from atmospheric agents and to harmonize it with the surrounding environment. Precisely for this function, it is necessary to choose the coating based on the style of the well: if, for example, the well is made in a rustic style, with the classic circular appearance, it is advisable to cover it with stones. Just apply on the surface of the well with a mixture of mortar, soil and cement,

Garden wells: How to make a stone lined well

Garden wells lined with stone are simple to make: the stones, in fact, can be recovered in any place, even in the woods and in our own garden. Pot-bellied stones are particularly suitable, because they sink easily into the layer of mortar and concrete (at least 3 centimeters high), and can be placed next to each other, so as not to leave empty spaces. When the applied layer is dry, water repellent putty should be used to fill any gaps between the stones. It is advisable to also apply flatting to protect the well and keep it clean. If trapezoidal stones are used, the technique to be used is the same, with the advantage of being able to take advantage of the geometric structure of the stones to have a guide for the application, which will be more compact.

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