Garden with water

Garden with water

The garden with water is an outdoor space enriched by the most natural element that exists and which is at the origin of life on Earth. Water, the colorless liquid par excellence, with its naturalness and its brightness, can, in fact, decorate any outdoor space, including the garden. Not surprisingly, gardens designed with water are also called «water gardens». In the garden, water can be present in different ways and with different solutions: in the form of a fountain, waterfall, pond or pond. The same can also be contained in a small or large swimming pool with more or less classic and traditional shapes or in amazing water games enriched by more or less intense lights. Anyhow,


As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, a water garden is a space enriched and decorated by aquatic elements (fountain, waterfall, pond, etc.). The choice of these elements depends primarily on the space available. In a small garden you can insert a maximum of one aquatic element of your choice between a pond and a fountain, while a larger one allows you to wander between waterfalls, very large fountains, ponds with plants and fish and even a swimming pool. Every single aquatic element must be inserted in suitable spaces and preferably away from the dining area or other habitually frequented areas of the house. Ideal for ponds are spaces near terrestrial plants and herbs, while for the swimming pool you can think of a space on the lawn, largely sunny. Waterfalls and fountains often find their place in classical gardens characterized by a very aristocratic style, where monuments and sculptures stand out to frame splendid water games. Waterfalls and ponds can also be implemented in oriental gardens, but in this case they are small elements linked to a concept of simplicity that integrates perfectly with the other natural elements (stone, air, etc.) present in the garden .


Whether it is entrusted to a specialized company or built on its own, the water garden requires a careful planning phase and evaluation of the available spaces. First of all it is necessary to proceed precisely to a measurement of the external area, identifying the spaces in which the aquatic elements will be placed. Once the exact size of the garden has been obtained, a project that represents your outdoor space in miniature will have to be drawn up on paper or using graphics on a PC. The same must be divided into sections, each specified by precise units of measurement. The measurement of the individual spaces must be as exact as possible, because errors in excess or deficiency risk compromising the subsequent location of the aquatic elements. Often, especially if the space is too large and if the aquatic elements are numerous, it is not easy to proceed alone with the drafting of the project. In this case it is better to resort to the advice of specialized designers who are able to draw up the water garden in all its parts in 3D graphics. The project will accurately report all the aquatic elements chosen, including aquatic plants and even fish.


After having drawn up the project, you can proceed with the actual construction of the garden with water. Pond or pond must be inserted in a special excavation filled with a protective cloth that will have to receive the water. Alternatively, especially for small gardens, you can create excavations in which to insert plastic or resin tubs. Before adding water to the pond, the aquatic plants will be chosen and planted with suitable soil. Better to choose the oxygenating ones that keep the water clean avoiding the formation of algae. After a few days you can also add the fish. If you want to add a swimming pool to the outdoor space, you can choose between those underground or above ground. In the first case it will be necessary to carry out an excavation proportionate to the tank to be buried, in the second, a simple external tank can be placed. The most demanding can enrich the water garden with fountains or waterfalls, in which the water, instead of remaining still on the pool, moves with jets and leaps that create sparkling water games. The water games are particularly suggestive in the evening, especially if you add the right lighting. In any case, the aesthetic result will always be the result of meticulous planning and design work.

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