Garden wood grills

Garden wooden grills

In the nursery or in DIY stores we find many models of wooden garden grills, which differ in their sizes, but also in the type and quality of the wood. They are typically built as modular panels, so they can be used to create a screen as wide as you like, modeled on our green corner. Generally they consist of an external frame, which keeps small crossed rods fixed, to form a rhombus motif; but there are also grids without external frames, which can be closed and reopened as needed. Or we also find grids with thicker strips, which prevent the passage of the wind and the view of the neighbors, to improve the privacy of the garden, just like hedges. The most used wood is usually pine or fir,

The price of wooden grills

The prices of garden grills can differ a lot from each other, this is because a lot depends on the type of treatment the wood has been subjected to. In general, grates are not produced with noble wood, but with trees specially cultivated to produce strips and boards of air type. But low-cost gratings are generally prepared with untreated wood, or simply painted with a water-repellent product, which does not guarantee its immutability once the artifact is placed outside. The more expensive grids in addition to being produced with thicker timber, are treated in an autoclave and then impregnated, in this way they can remain outdoors for 10-20 years, without requiring maintenance or showing breaks, cracks or the attack of mold and mildew. They are therefore very different products; in the first case, a square meter of grid can cost even less than 50 euros; in the second case we are talking about artifacts that can cost 100-150 euros per square meter.

Maintenance of wooden grids

Regardless of whether you have chosen an expensive product, or a cheap one, proper maintenance will allow your grill to withstand the passing of the years better: rainwater, sunlight, frost can cause serious damage to the wood. , which over the years will tend to change color or crack. For products of lesser quality, we often find ourselves with lacquered wood, which will tend to lose the paint it is covered with; every 4-5 years it is advisable to sand the grid and repaint it, possibly with an impregnating product, which penetrates deeply into the material. Expensive products are generally already treated with impregnated substances, but a new step, to be repeated every 5-8 years, allows you to keep the grids as good as new.

Garden wood grills: Place the wooden grates

The materials sold in garden centers and hobby shops often come in assembly kits, which also contain everything you need to set up the grills in their place in the garden, except of course the tools. There are different models of wooden garden grills, some with feet, others that simply end with a frame, which will be equipped with stops or other structures to fix it to the wall or in the ground. Clearly, the better you do this work, the more solid and resistant your grill will be: if you have no knowledge of DIY, contact a bricklayer, or even a gardener. Otherwise, you can simply place your grids in place independently. If you have purchased raw wood grids, remember to pass them with the impregnating agent before placing them,

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