Garden wooden houses

Wooden garden houses: regulations and dimensions

Before buying wooden garden houses, it will be good that you inquire at the technical office of the municipality where you are going to install it. There are regulations governing the laying of these small buildings. Since there are various types and sizes, from the classic ones used as a shelter for tools to real taverns for dinners with friends, you must make sure you do not run into any penalties. First of all and whatever kind of wooden garden house you are going to use, always keep in mind the distances from the border. Adding one to the neighbor’s hedge could lead you to have complaints. Second are the permissions. Yes, specific permissions are required. The legislation to be taken as a reference is that of free building activity. The maximum dimensions cannot exceed 8 square meters. and 2 in height in the eaves.

How to install them

It starts from the base. The wooden garden houses do not need foundations, but they must be placed on a perfectly level surface. The risk of placing it on sloping ground is that over time it will tend to deteriorate or even break. It must also be taken into account that it must be isolated from the ground. Where possible use a tiled surface or a concrete cast; a valid alternative are tarred cardboard boxes, which contain water and molds well. Start by assembling the base plinth and then fit the central side members, after which move on to the walls. Generally, wooden garden houses use, for the side parts, a tongue-and-groove system. Always be very careful that they are perpendicular to the base. Mount the first two or three boards of the walls and place the door. Now continue with the assembly of all four walls leaving, where provided, the space for the windows, which you will go to house at the end. Move to the floor and finally to the roof.

The roof cover

These pretty little houses are usually sold with a roof covering that includes only a sheet of tarred material, in green or red. It is undoubtedly the fastest and cheapest solution, but if you want to give an extra touch to your wooden house, consequently to the whole garden, you will need to provide for the use of tiles. The solution that best combines a good quality-price ratio are those in PVC. in practice they consist of covering slabs of about 2 square meters, but it depends on the material and shape. They exactly reproduce the morphology of real tiles, while making you save both on the purchase cost and on maintenance. Installation is quick and easy to do. There are different designs, from classic tiles to Canadian tiles,

The maintenance of wooden garden houses

After finishing the assembly and installation of the cover, the wood treatment must be considered. First of all, an anti-moth treatment must be carried out, in order to reduce the possibility of attack by this parasite. Many of the impregnating products also perform this task very well. Apply the treating material with a brush, so that you can cover every corner of the building well. The wooden garden houses are subject to settling and to suffer damage from bad weather, considering that this type of maintenance must be carried out every year, possibly before the summer season. By applying the impregnating agent you can also vary the color of the wood. On the market you can also find different finishes,

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