Gardens on the terrace

Terrace gardens: the right solution for a «greener» home

Today, more than ever, the term «green» is enjoying great success, making a powerful entry into the common language, especially among those who live in the city. The desire to have more and more green spaces available has become a constant of modern man but often guaranteeing the right dose of green for everyone is not so simple and immediate. Perhaps this will be one of the reasons why more and more people around the world decide to devote themselves to gardening, a hobby that knows no crisis, but if until a few years ago the passion for plants and flowers mainly concerned those who owned a small or large plot of land, today things have changed and, thanks to the spread of gardens on the terrace, anyone can give free rein to their green thumb even if they live in a condominium or have only a small terrace.

The design of the terraced gardens according to the spaces

Terrace gardens are therefore an easy solution within everyone’s reach for those who wish to enrich their home with a touch of greenery but, like everything, to have a good final result you need to proceed step by step. A good start is to draw up a small paper project, starting from the design of the terrace and precisely highlighting all the spaces you want to use for the garden. At this point you can move on to the next step which consists in the ideal arrangement of the pots on the project, paying attention to where to place the heavier ones and those that will house the most bulky plants both in height and in width. Me too’

The creation of terraced gardens in a few steps

Once the design phase is over, you can move on to perhaps the most fun and satisfying part: the actual creation of the garden. First of all it will be necessary to carefully choose the vases both in terms of size and, a detail not to be neglected to have a satisfactory result, the colors. At this stage it will always be necessary to keep in mind that the garden on the terrace must reflect as much as possible the furnishing style of the house (materials, colors, etc.) otherwise there is a risk of creating an environment that is too detached from the inside. In the event that you have sufficiently large spaces, you can also choose to buy tubs, very useful for making the most of the longer sides of the terrace. At this point, only one last, exciting step will remain: the choice of plants.

The most welcoming terrace gardens? It depends on the plants!

A good design and a careful choice of furnishings are the basis for creating a noteworthy terrace garden but the step that will make it the true corner of paradise in the house will be precisely the choice of the right plants. To ensure that this phase does not become too complicated (and not very productive) it will first be necessary to carefully consider the exposure of the terrace. If exposed to the south, for example, it will preferably host weather-resistant plants and shrubs. To optimize maintenance times it is also recommended to choose similar plants, in order to treat them all at the same time and create a sort of balance that can last for a long time. The rest of the business is finally given by the imagination and taste of the home owner: ingredients that are always indispensable to obtain an exceptional result.

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