Gardens to be built

Gardens to be built: the Mediterranean garden

Among the gardens to be created, one possibility is to create a Mediterranean garden. It is possible to create it in fairly warm climatic zones, such as the areas around the Mediterranean basin, since the typical plants of this garden fear the cold, and therefore need a temperate climate, typical of these latitudes. Eventually, in areas with harsh winters, this type of garden can be created having the foresight to cultivate the plants in pots, so as to be able to shelter them in a more sheltered place during the winter. Apart from the low resistance to cold, the plants of the Mediterranean garden are quite resistant and do not need special attention. The typical plants of this garden are those of the Mediterranean scrub, that is mostly shrubs, such as juniper, tamarisk and lavender. Many aromatic plants are also suitable for growing in this garden: thyme, rosemary and sage are just a few examples.

Gardens to be built: the rock garden

The rock garden is a type of garden that recalls the typical landscape of high altitude mountain environments. It is ideal if you are looking for an alternative to flower beds for growing flowers, or if you want to embellish a corner of the garden so that it looks as natural as possible. The design of the rock garden is all up to the taste of those who will build it, who will decide how to arrange the rocks and stones to create the slopes and the various areas on which to plant the plants. It is good to remember that rock gardens are a fairly extreme cultivation environment, not suitable for all types of plants, but only for those that do not have difficulty growing in areas that are not very fertile; therefore all those plants typical of mountain areas are fine, first of all the various varieties of sempervivum. If you also want to enjoy the beautiful flowers,

Gardens to be built: the Zen garden

For lovers of clean and rigorous shapes that give serenity, the garden to be created is definitely a Zen garden. This garden, a symbol par excellence of harmony and inner peace, but with an aesthetic far removed from the typical western one, is characterized by the scarce or even no presence of flowering plants, in favor of green and evergreen shrubs instead. The watchword for creating a Zen garden is the careful design of a few essential elements. These are water, represented for example by a small fountain or a stream, and the presence of trees, mainly bonsai or the elegant Japanese red maple and small shrubs such as ferns, lichens or mosses. There are also areas where rocks will be placed, often with rounded and harmonious shapes.

Gardens to be built: the flower garden

For lovers of bright colors that bring joy, we recommend a flower garden as a garden to create. To design this type of garden it will first be necessary to think about which areas to delimit with flower beds, in which to grow the flowers you prefer. As for the types of flowering plants, you are spoiled for choice, since various species of flowers can also be grown together. The simplest plants to manage are the bulbous ones, as once planted they will spring up on their own every spring; these can be arranged in the flower beds in a scattered way or organized to create geometric designs. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy the beauty of flowers even in the cold season, you will need to opt for some plants with autumn or winter flowering.

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