Gazebo for outdoor

Gazebos for outdoors: The heart of your garden

With the arrival of summer, many families begin to think about organizing the outdoor space. On the other hand, the winter season forced us to stay too long at home and in front of the television. The time has come, therefore, to go outside and enjoy the beautiful days that are about to arrive. But you notice one thing. There is no space in your garden where you can relax. Surely, to remedy this lack there is nothing better than a nice gazebo. A real extension of the internal space of your home, to be lived, if desired, for most of the day. It is certainly not an easy to manage space, with great potential. which, however, requires great attention and attention to detail in order to create a context that is harmonious and original.

Outdoor gazebos: the wooden gazebo

Among the most beautiful and fascinating outdoor gazebos we certainly find those made of wood. The main reason is certainly their versatility. A wooden gazebo will be perfectly matched to the style of our home, whatever it is. The wooden outdoor gazebos are perfect for giving that touch of naturalness and warmth to your garden. The wooden gazebos guarantee a high resistance to atmospheric agents, such as water and frost. Obviously, however, we must make sure that we buy a high quality outdoor gazebo. It is possible to choose from a large number of styles, ranging from classic to liberty to modern. Generally companies provide pre-packaged models, but it is not uncommon to find some that give the possibility to customize your outdoor gazebo. The most common shape is square.

Gazebos for outdoors: other materials

Among the outdoor gazebos certainly the most popular in this period are those in rattan. It is a product made using the wood of some palm trees. This wood is carefully worked, filleted and then woven in such a way as to obtain outdoor furniture of great resistance. Rattan, in fact, hardly splinters and is much more flexible than many woods considered more valuable, such as maple and birch. The result of using this material will be a particularly modern gazebo suitable for hosting a real garden lounge. Particularly suitable for this type of environment are white curtains that in addition to giving particular charm to the whole will be useful for shading.

Outdoor gazebos: Outdoor gazebos: wrought iron

The most beautiful possible solution as regards outdoor gazebos is certainly the one consisting of a gazebo made of wrought iron. However, it is the least economical solution. It is possible to buy a ready-made wrought iron gazebo or if you have great economic availability you can contact an expert blacksmith. The most common version is the self-supporting one, able to be mounted on a solid base anywhere in your garden. Basically, the structure is more decorative than practical, as it does not have a roof. This is why in addition to the skeleton it will be necessary to purchase PVC curtains. These curtains, also for a matter of good maintenance, must be removed in the winter period, leaving the skeleton bare. But don’t worry, your gazebo will look good even in winter. Generally the style of a wrought iron gazebo is Liberty with particular decorations and friezes. The structure does not require excessive maintenance.

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