Geranium cultivation

The garden

The importance of our garden is essential to express and transmit the care and style we have inside the house. You know, a well-kept garden will be the mirror of the care we invest for all the other things in our life, especially those closely related to our home, such as furniture, cleanliness and attention to detail. To make the right image of our house it is necessary to follow simple rules in the care of the garden. First we must commit to choosing plants that reflect the interior style, so if we have a very colorful house, some brightly colored flowers will be perfect or if we have aimed for a classic style it will be optimal to choose tall and elegant green plants. We must also pay attention to furniture of our garden that must not have objects that do not bind together, so they must not be of different styles to avoid creating confusion and clashes of colors and furnishings. The choice of placing some geranium will be very nice.

The geranium

To make our garden a unique place, let’s start with the choice of plants. Of all the existing species, geranium is the one we will surely find in every home and on every balcony. Why? Well, because it is beautiful and is one of the simplest flowers to take care of even if it needs constant attention and care, but it has no special needs. The history of geranium starts from afar, precisely from Africa, its country of origin and dates back to 600, a period after which it had moments of joy but also of darkness, especially when its cultivation in Europe was limited to gardens only. botanists because its beauty and its importance as a powerful remedy against mosquitoes was not immediately understood. Like all plants, this one too has its symbolism and its meaning that depend on color and shape.

Geranium cultivation

Growing geranium does not require special attention, but it needs care in any case. First of all it will be perfect to plant the geranium in a light soil that allows excellent water drainage to prevent it from stagnating. They are flowers that need sun and heat, so to make them grow well you will need to place them in a sunny or little shaded area. Geranium lives perfectly in fairly high temperatures, up to 25 degrees. They fear the cold and drafts, which is why in winter, in order not to make it run into problems, it is advisable to keep it at home or in a covered and not cold place. We always remember that geranium cultivation needs a lot of water, so you will have to water it frequently, being careful to completely absorb the liquid we insert before proceeding with the new watering. In summer every two weeks it is recommended to fertilize geraniums in spring and summer. If we want to repot them – the period is spring – be careful not to use too large pots and remember to cut the long roots that are not needed.

Geranium cultivation: Geranium species

We know some of the best known species of geranium, the ones that we all have in the garden or on the balcony without probably even knowing what name and origin they have. The most common geranium is definitely the zonal pelargonium, the one with the heart-shaped hairy leaves that can have various colors, but the most common are red and pink, then you have the ivy geranium with shiny and consistent leaves that it takes this name from its characteristic of clinging to nearby surfaces just like ivy. The fragrant geranium, on the other hand, has pink or white flowers and is characterized by a delicate and good scent that can be rose, apple or lemon depending on the particular subspecies. The imperial geranium is characterized by its fringed leaves and flowers that are approximately 5 centimeters in diameter. The rivulare geranium has stems above which the flowers grow and has alternate palmate leaves. It is called the Bohemian geranium for its particular shape.

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