Girasoli significato

The identity card of the sunflower

The scientific name of sunflowers, Helianthus annuus, hides a clear meaning behind it: from the Greek “helios”, meaning sun and “anthos”, flower, sunflowers have always been known for their physiological habit of pointing east, towards the sun. Despite the Greek meaning of the name, sunflowers originate from Peru: they have always been revered by the Incas as an image of the sun god, but were only introduced in Europe by Francisco Pizarro in 1500. Two meters tall, sunflowers owe their ability to move stem, able to rotate in the direction of solar radiation thanks to the reaction of a hormone contained in the plant, auxin. Well resistant to summer drought and capable of multiplying with exceptional rapidity, sunflowers always plant solid roots, sinking tenaciously into the ground.

Appreciate someone: the first meaning of the sunflower

Offering someone sunflowers has a first, precise meaning: seeing the same characteristics in the person to whom we present it. Bright, always ready to orient themselves to the light, giving sunflowers is an excellent way to remind the interlocutor how sunny and cheerful his way of facing life is. Even six meters high in the land of origin, the meaning of sunflowersit expands and becomes a graceful way of congratulating on a milestone, an important moment of growth: it is no coincidence that their preference in graduation ceremonies and weddings. And their meaning does not stop here: well planted on the ground, with deep roots, a bunch of sunflowers complete with stems tell the solid character of the person we are addressing; perfect opportunity, for example, an unexpected promotion at work or a new hire.

The famous song of the singer Giorgia, Girasole, does nothing but set to music a historical meaning of sunflowers: unconditional love for someone. In this case, giving a bouquet of sunflowers becomes a declaration of total surrender to the beloved, with no ifs and buts. Dedicated, faithful, unconditional love to one’s partner, deaf to any lack, refusal, estrangement. Precisely for this absolute character, sunflowers also have the meaning of obsessive, crazy love, sometimes servant and not necessarily reciprocated. Before making a statement armed only with sunflowers, therefore, pay close attention to their meaning: the object of your passion, perhaps an expert in the language of flowers, may not even like your care. Fade your bouquet, perhaps, with roses and tulips.

Sunflowers meaning: Sunflowers: a continuous reservoir of meaning

Loved by oriental cultures for its ability, once picked, to resist several days without wilting, sunflowers are a beautiful wish for longevity. Faithful to the principles of chromotherapy, the bright yellow of sunflowers also has another meaning: to wish joy, health and happiness. Tank of sunshine, a bouquet of sunflowers is the perfect wish for a new birth; clear the meaning: continuous light on the life of the newborn and his parents. Packaged as part of a centerpiece or tied to a Christmas or Easter wreath, the meaning of sunflowers expands and becomes a real declaration of serenity and joy for oneself and for the closest and dearest people. Knotted with a string to a sheet of gift paper, preferably beige or dark green, sunflowers become heralds of esteem and good wishes for the recipients. Buying a bunch of sunflowers really is like buying a perfect vocabulary for any occasion.

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