Goji Dukan Berries

The myth of Dukan goji berries

Goji Dukan berries are the fruits of plants of the genus Lycium, solenaceous native to the Chinese territories. The name Goji was coined by the Tibetan botanical institute, in order to standardize the various local pronunciations of the Chinese name of the plant (枸杞 gǒuqǐ). The myth attributes to some Tibetan monks the discovery of the extraordinary virtues of the plant. It is in fact handed down how the berries, fallen into the well of a temple, made water an extraordinary panacea for all kinds of evil. The berries are small red fruits of elongated shape, very juicy and delicate. Precisely because of their fragility, the fruit should be harvested by shaking the plant in order to avoid direct manipulation of the berry.

Nutritional qualities

The fame of Dukan goji berries is due to the presence of truly peculiar nutritional qualities. These fruits in fact contain very high concentrations of antioxidants and vitamin C (the amount of ascorbic acid present is about 2.5 grams per 100 grams of product). The high content of bioflavonoids gives the fruit a surprising antioxidant activity. Goji berries take the lead in the ORAC ranking, which sorts foods based on the measurement of their antioxidant power. They have about eight times the action of blueberries. There are also good concentrations of amino acids and essential fatty acids and particular polysaccharides (LBP3p) with a stimulating immune action.


Dukan goji berries are marketed dried, in order to preserve the nutritional virtues while ensuring a good preservation capacity of the product. In this state the fruits have a sweetish taste and recall the flavor and texture of raisins. They can be eaten directly raw or processed in many types of uses. The dried berries can be used for the preparation of infusions or herbal teas. The fruits can be used as ingredients for the preparation of jams. It only takes a few minutes of cooking with lemon, water and agar to obtain a tasty jam. They can also be used in the preparation of sweet and sour salads or to flavor ice cream, porridge, crepes and desserts.

Goji Dukan Berries: Properties

The properties of Dukan goji berries are numerous and important. Scientific studies have demonstrated its immunostimulating action, with a significant increase in the efficiency of the immune defenses. Fruits are able to reduce cholesterol and glucose concentrations in the blood and improve blood pressure control. The nutrients contained in the berries promote the regeneration of collagen, increasing the elasticity of ligaments, vessel walls and skin. Dukan emphasizes their potential role in the prevention of premature aging and cardiovascular disease and in cell renewal, essential for maintaining youthful skin and an efficient immune system. Berries are recommended during slimming diets,

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