The irrigation system, in order to function at its best, requires a series of more or less expensive accessories that are used to connect the pipes and avoid water leaks. The accessories described above are the elbows, or corner fittings, also called joints, which are used to connect the sprinkler pipes in some very specific points. Without elbows, in fact, some irrigation systems, especially very large ones, could not work, because it would be impossible to connect the pipes together and insert them in such a way that they cross the entire irrigable area. Elbows are widely used in drip and underground irrigation systems. Suitable for large surfaces, the elbows can also be applied to small irrigation systems, allowing the pipes to reach even the most difficult corners.


The elbows, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, are the fittings of the irrigation pipes. Produced in different materials, colors and with a diameter proportional to the size of the irrigation pipes, the elbows have a threaded socket, male or female, which allows them to be easily inserted into any type of fitting. The elbows with female socket can also be used to connect the pipe to the dripline of the drip irrigation system, but can also be used in the underground irrigation system to connect the polyethylene pipe. Typically, angled elbows include both male and female grips. This feature allows them to be inserted anywhere in the system, even starting from the tap or wall socket. The elbows can have small or large diameters. The smaller ones have a diameter of twenty or twenty-five millimeters, while the larger ones can reach sixty-three millimeters. For medium sized irrigation pipes, forty centimeter elbows can also be used.


Elbows can be made of steel, brass and plastic. Those made of metal were widely used in the past, while over time, due to oxidation problems, they have been replaced by those made of resistant plastic. Some metal models are resistant in industrial plant engineering, while in new concept plants they use almost exclusively plastic elbows resistant to wear, heat and humidity.


Colors are not so important in the choice of elbows, also because, generally, these accessories end up underground, connected to the irrigation pipes of the underground systems. On the market there are plastic fittings in black, gray, or with black and white corners. The choice of color will generally depend on the diameter of the fitting, which must match perfectly with that of the pipes. Therefore, if a gray fitting of the suitable diameter is available at that time, it will not be a problem to choose it to connect black pipes. The plastic elbows can also be brown in color.

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