Green pruning

The pruning of the green: the apricot

The apricot tree is a plant that typically grows in the temperate areas of the Mediterranean. There are many different species, which also have different needs related to the characteristics of the soil, the microclimate, and pruning. If well cultivated, the apricot tree is capable of producing many fruits: the strongest branches are capable of ripening a very high quantity of apricots. A plant of this kind needs green pruning interventions carried out according to certain criteria, and aimed at giving the most suitable shape to the crown of the tree to reinforce the most productive branches. A well done pruning can have a very positive effect on the quantity of apricots that the plant will produce during the fruit season.

Precautions when pruning an apricot tree

While apricot is a very resistant tree from many points of view, it is also very delicate from others. The equipment that will be used for pruning must be clean, and where the branches are pruned, the remaining piece of branch must be covered with sticky substances of various kinds, to favor a good recovery of the plant. In fact, it is a type of tree that heals very slowly from pruning cuts which, consequently, must never be too sharp and aggressive, but neither must they be inaccurate or insecure. It should also be kept in mind the type of apricot on which pruning is going to be carried out: each species has its own needs and, for this reason, it can sometimes be of great help and more prudent to turn to a professional.

Apricot pruning: goals to keep in mind

When pruning an apricot, it is essential to keep in mind the purpose for which it is grown, whether for purely ornamental reasons or to obtain fruit from it. Depending on the goal you intend to achieve, pruning will give one shape rather than another to the crown. If the plant has an ornamental purpose, in a garden for example, it can be placed against a fence, and its shape adapted according to the location chosen. If, on the other hand, the apricot tree must first produce fruit, then it must be given a more rounded shape, keeping a few sturdy branches to act as a supporting structure, and without giving it particular geometric conformations. Especially in the first five years of the plant’s life, giving it the right shape is essential for the success of the cultivation.

Green pruning: Times and methods of apricot pruning

Although some pruning work on the apricot tree can be carried out in the cold seasons, it is the hot seasons, summer and spring, that constitute the ideal time for the green pruning of apricot plants: pruning should generally be carried out precisely in the period in which the tree is growing and causing new branches to sprout and lengthen. To be able to decide in the most correct way which branches are to be cut and which ones are to be kept, it will be necessary to be able to understand which are the bearing branches, which will give structure to the crown, and to preserve the latter, instead completely pruning the others . This in the first years of the plant’s life: subsequently it will be sufficient to intervene on the dead branches or that prevent the aeration of the main branches.

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