Grigliati in legno da giardino

Wooden grating for climbing plants

Decorating the green space with flowers and plants is an imperative for lovers of open spaces; even better if the crops extend to decorate even the vertical surfaces, as in the case of climbing plants. Of great charm and decorative power, climbing plants and flowers conquer the available spaces, enriching them with colors and scents. To control its development, it is possible to place wooden grids in the garden to support the plants. These structures can be made with different types of wood and therefore can fit harmoniously into any green space, in full respect of the furniture already present. The wooden grills can go to complete fences and railings, giving them a more romantic touch and increasing privacy without creating a sense of oppression,

Wall grids

The most common models of wooden gratings are those to be placed in combination with planters or that create a unique structure with them. However, the grids for climbing plants can also develop in different forms, such as wall grids, to be positioned along the external walls of the house, which allow the growth and development of plants on the walls. In this way, the plants will not go to directly affect the walls, but will bind to the grid and develop on it, decorating the entire surrounding space. Wall grates can be any size, but they must be firmly anchored to the walls to avoid falling under the weight of growing plants. Gratings and structures designed for the development of climbing plants can also create real green walls,

Garden wooden grills: Self-supporting grills

Garden grills can have a purely decorative function or combine them with a practical function: this is the case of self-supporting grids, which can develop as arches or even small gazebos and structures with a roof, also covered with flowers and vines. The self-supporting arched grilles or grilles that create an opening are particularly suggestive and decorative, and can be positioned in strategic places in the garden in such a way that they delimit, for example, the entrance to a particular area, without the need for fences. Furthermore, the self-supporting grids can give life to small covered structures able to accommodate one or two people, offering maximum relaxation in the shade and among the scent of flowers, for an elegant garden in which artificial and natural development intertwine seamlessly. .

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