Grigliati per terrazzi

The gratings for terraces: their characteristics and their functions

The gratings for terraces are basically worked panels that are installed on the terrace with the function of dividers, screens or flower boxes (in the case of models with accessories suitable for this purpose). In this way, they become not only a functional element, but also a decorative and ornamental one: in fact, if fixed to the walls, they create particular arches of great aesthetic effect. If the grills for terracesthey have the function of support for climbing plants or flowers (ivy, roses, etc.), they must be fixed to the wall or to the railing: moreover, these models are characterized by very tight meshes, so that the plants have a good seal. As a result, a dense screen will be created which will ensure excellent privacy. By applying the gratings for terraces, the environment will therefore become a sort of small garden, pleasant and above all private.

When purchasing patio gratings, it is advisable to proceed with the installation yourself only if you are familiar with the sector. Otherwise, you can contact a competent person or the manufacturer directly. The latter usually offer home advice to propose the most suitable solution for the characteristics of the terrace, illustrating the various advantages of each grill model. However, it is good to take some information before purchasing. First of all, if you live in a condominium, you must make sure that the condominium regulations allow the installation of gratings for terraces. Furthermore, if you live in the historic center, it must be remembered that in some cities a special authorization is required for reasons of public decency. It is good, therefore, consult the condominium regulations (in the first case) or call the technical office of the municipality (in the second case) to get all the necessary information. It should be remembered that many municipalities prohibit not only the installation of gratings, but also of solar curtains, external air conditioners, parables and so on.

The custom-made and personalized gratings for terraces

The gratings for terraces are customized elements because there are models in raw wood or in various shades of colors, which can be more subdued or brighter than the natural color. The materials used for the terrace gratings can be in metal (subjected to anti-rust treatments) or in wood. In the latter case, the wood must be very robust and subjected to specific treatments that make it waterproof and resistant to the action of woodworms and atmospheric agents. Furthermore, terrace gratings must be perfectly fitted so that they are not damaged by bad weather or strong winds (especially if the terraces are located very high up). When the gratings are solid, they only need minimal annual maintenance. In some cases,

Gratings for terraces: The gratings for terraces made with the DIY

Those who do not want to turn to specialized companies to buy terrace gratings can decide to make them yourself with DIY: the easiest models to make are the wooden ones. It will be enough to buy the materials at any DIY store: they are, to be precise, strips, vertical and horizontal profiles, junction brackets, specific screws and bolts, and wood impregnation. First of all, the impregnating agent must be applied to all elements. The ideal solution is to fix the gratings for terraces to the iron or wall railings, using screws or expansion plugs, and connect each grating to the other with fixing screws. Once the frame has been made according to the desired measurements, the first series of strips must be nailed to it on the opposite side of the guide. Subsequently, the perpendicular strips must be fixed, nailing them in the points where they overlap. In order for the grating to be solid and well balanced, it is advisable to superimpose an additional frame on the load-bearing one. At this point the grating is ready: it can be placed on the floor, or it can be used to create dividers.

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