Grilled wood panels

Grilled wood panels for outdoor use

Grilled wood panels are preferred to types of panels made with other materials because wood is a natural material that best suits outdoor environments due to its style and specific characteristics. Usually the wooden grating panels are used in all outdoor spaces, whether they are terraces, balconies or gardens. They can be completed with windbreaks if you want to create a fence but also planters or poles for more complex constructions.On the market there are models and sizes of all types to satisfy the needs of the varied customers who usually buy them. Generally, the wooden grating panels are modular so it is possible to purchase the necessary number to ensure the fence or the delimitation of the available perimeter.

Opinions on outdoor wood grating panels

Opinions on outdoor wooden grating panels are almost always positive because they are considered to be quite multifunctional products, which can satisfy many and different needs. Customers obviously appreciate the aesthetic side as much as in their simple elegance they are able to give a touch and a decisive character to the balcony or terrace. Furthermore, they are also chosen for their ability to act both as a support for climbing plants and to create a real subdivision of outdoor spaces as well as guaranteeing total privacy for family lunches or candlelit dinners. Finally, the infinite qualities of wood are recognized by all, which in addition to being resistant also lends itself very well to withstanding the stress of atmospheric agents.

The prices of outdoor wooden grating panels

The prices of outdoor wooden grating panels depend a lot on the type of product purchased. Being in most cases a modular product, the cost depends on the size of the modules chosen. For example, the 45×120 module by Leroy Merlin starts at a cost of 12.99 euros per piece to arrive, for other production companies, even at a cost of around 50/60 euros. 180×180 models, on the other hand, start from the price of euro 39.99, also from Leroy Merlin. On the market, then, there are also many other complementary products that are purchased to complete the external structures. Among these, the privacy screens which are a little more expensive than the grilled panels, are always made of wood and have a starting cost of 34.49 euros or the 59×59 panel models which have a cost of 24.99 euros.

Interior wooden grilled panels

There are not only the outdoor models but there are also the internal wooden grating panels. This type is usually chosen to outline, inside an apartment, a shed or an office, the internal spaces intended for different uses.The modular grilled panels that are purchased for the outside are the same ones that are used for the inside. . On the other hand, the mounting system changes because of course the interior grating panels must be fixed both to the floor and to the ceiling to effectively act as a partition wall.For indoor environments, wood is a particularly appreciated material as it manages to give a touch of heat that always gives a lot to the rooms. In addition, the wood goes well with any type of furniture.

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