Grillo two-wheel tractor

Grillo Two Wheel Tractors

Grillo two-wheel tractors are reliable and safe workmates, built with the experience of a company that has been operating for many years in the agricultural mechanization sector. They were born for the milling of the soil which remains their main job, but today it is no longer the only one: with the many accessories available, these machines are able to transform into many others. In this way, the two-wheel tractors are used in all seasons: to prepare the soil for sowing in spring, to keep weeds under control during the summer, to chop and bury the remains of vegetation in autumn and for all winter operations, from sweeping of dry leaves when snow is cleared. Ten series of means to really please everyone, from the beginner to the expert.

Grillo two-wheel tractor

The Grillo walking tractor comes from afar, from the experience that Officine Pinza first (it was originally called) and then Grillo, gained in the construction of these machines. An experience that today allows the technicians of the research and development division to conceive comfortable and safe machines. Experience is also synonymous with knowledge, Grillo is aware that it must be kept up to date and every vehicle is tested to detect its effective working capacity and ease of use. A company philosophy evident in the work of the quality control sector, which verifies that the product is conceived and built following the specific European directives of the sector. Finally, the machine is built in factories equipped with state-of-the-art production lines.

The little one

If you need to prepare the ground for your vegetable garden, the Grillo G 45 walking tractor is the right machine: it is equipped with a counter-rotating cutter which, for those who do not know direction of travel. In short, when the vehicle goes forward the cutter turns «backward», on the contrary. This expedient creates two advantages: it allows you to work well even in those hard soils that offer resistance to processing and gives greater stability to the vehicle, even in these conditions; when a traditional ride attitude could put him in difficulty. Greater stability means ease of use even for those approaching the use of these machines for the first time, being able to use them safely despite the still little familiarity.

The whole team

The G 52, G 55 and G 84 are also vehicles for the hobbyist, with characteristics similar to the little one from Grillo. With the G 85 series, especially with the G 85D, you get a little more specific and the technique is more evident, for example in the presence of the differential, very useful when the characteristics of the terrain do not allow good grip. Being able to use the electric ignition is another convenience: no effort, the simple gesture of turning a key and the walking tractor is ready to work. The engines are also richer, being able to choose between petrol or diesel fueled engines. Gearbox with 2 gears for direction of advancement, for greater practicality. The G 107D, G 108, G 110, G 131 series are more specialized and, with the G 131, are oriented towards a

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