Grow avocado

What is avocado

Avocado is a tropical fruit plant belonging to the Lauraceae family. Of South American origin, the tree that bears fruit generally measures around ten meters in height, but can reach over twenty meters. The fruit, which contains a central seed of about 5 centimeters in diameter, is of variable size and weighs between one hundred grams and one kilogram. Avocado is characterized by the large amount of protein it contains, compared to a low number of fats. Each center grams of pulp, about seven grams of sugar and two grams of protein are present in the avocado. A powerful anti-inflammatory, avocado is also an excellent antioxidant and is used to fight depression and to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

First step for a correct sowing

Although it is a plant exported from another continent, avocado can also be grown easily in Italy. Cultivation does not require particularly complicated steps and can also be done at home, starting from a simple seed. To do this, you need four toothpicks and a glass. First you need to clean the seed from the pulp residues and then pierce the upper part of the seed with the four toothpicks, arranged so that they form a cross. Once a stable ‘structure’ has been created, the glass must be filled with water and the seed placed on the edges. It is important that the flat part of the seed is constantly immersed in water, so it is good to check the level of it every 4-5 days.

Sprouting and development of the plant

After about a month, the first roots will sprout from the seed, followed by small light-colored shoots. Once the first leaf is sprouted, the seed must be freed from the toothpicks and buried in a small pot, about eight centimeters deep. Initially, the seedling must be kept in a soft compound, wet constantly and not excessively. Subsequently the avocado will be transferred to a more drained soil. After a couple of months, when the plant has reached twenty centimeters, a small trimming is recommended, to favor its correct development. Reached thirty centimeters, it will be necessary to proceed with the first pruning, to be repeated every fifteen centimeters of growth. After about ten months, the plant will reach a height of half a meter.

Growing avocados: Planting and fruiting

During the winter period, the plant must be moved to a warm place and, if it has been buried, it is good to cover it with a suitable plastic sheet. For good fruiting it is necessary to graft with another plant already capable of producing fruit. Once the graft has been carried out, it is necessary to continue with constant watering and periodic pruning. If the intention is to obtain a tree of decent size, planting on land is a must, which must be located in a warm and sunny place. To get the first fruits it will be necessary to wait a few years, in the meantime the tree will reach high dimensions, which could exceed ten meters in height. The best fruiting and growth results,

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