Grow berries

The self-production of berries.

In the colorful world of small fruits, wild berries stand out and are a concentrate of health. We are talking about strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, red currants and black currants. Self-production is a very rewarding practice, but it takes time and experience. But growing berries is easier. Although they were once wild species, today it is quite common to find these seedlings on the market. Strawberries, for example, grow very well in pots, they do not need pruning or fertilizing, and the harvest is very simple, since the fruits are practically level with the ground. The seedlings bear fruit from the first year. They practically govern themselves and only blueberries need a more “mountainous” climate. After all, it is enough to provide a rather acidic soil and watering.

Why focus on berries and how to eat them.

The search for personal well-being starts with a diet rich in nutrients and low in fat. Berries contain a lot of fiber which is beneficial to the intestine. Their low calorie content and the presence of organic acids give them excellent nutritional qualities. Berries contain vitamins A, C and E, organic acids and mineral salts. They are rich in fiber, antioxidants and therefore beneficial for the intestine, against free radicals and for the heart and arteries. Some varieties are diuretic and anti-inflammatory; they fight fatigue and help muscle function thanks to the presence of potassium. Blueberries relieve eye fatigue and strawberries even relieve gastrointestinal disorders. They generally have a sour taste due to organic acids and tannins and an exceptional aroma. If these characteristics are not appreciated, the fruits can be transformed into excellent juices, jellies and jams with the addition of sugars. They can also be used to garnish and fill desserts or to create excellent sauces.

In the ground or in a vase?

What if I don’t have a garden and I don’t live in a forest? There are frozen ones … But why spend so much to have them if we can grow them personally? A little soil and a few medium-sized pots are enough to start a decent production of berries. If strawberries are satisfied with any soil, blueberries have a preference for an acid soil. The seedlings are born in a few weeks, they do not need pruning, at most a few leaves are removed. Some varieties need support, but as the branches are light, they don’t demand who knows what support. They do not suffer from parasites and the collection is at eye level, so no dangerous ladders to use. In addition, the fruits in some cases, such as strawberries, are born already the first year, while for blueberries you have to wait longer.

Growing berries: Details not to be underestimated.

It is known that in order to have the greatest possible benefits from fruit and vegetables, you must eat very fresh and possibly raw products. However, berries should be consumed as soon as they are picked because they do not keep for long. For this reason they are often found in the market frozen. It should be remembered, however, that on several occasions these frozen foods have caused many cases of hepatitis A. This leads us to emphasize the importance of being able to eat them fresh and carefully washed. And if we grow them personally we will have organic and uncontaminated food practically for free. To reap their full benefits, you can eat up to 200 grams a day three or four times a week. Moreover, to be able to enjoy all the

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