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How to grow bonsai, useful tips

Those who approach the world of bonsai usually do so by purchasing a small plant that is already bonsaised and well leafed. The bonsai that you find on the market, the cheapest ones, are almost all of Chinese origin. All in all they are a good start, after all with a few euros you can have a small bonsai to keep at home or on the terrace. But how is a bonsai grown, or rather «educated»? As for the «ready» seedlings, just keep them moistened with a sprayer, in order to avoid boring water stagnation, repot them after a few years and check that they are not attacked by parasites. For the rest it is like owning a plant like any other, only small in size. Another argument, however, is «cultivating» a bonsai starting from a native plant that is not boinsaised.

How to grow a bonsai from an indigenous seedling

As mentioned, starting from a native plant is different than having a ready-made bonsai in your hands. first you have to find a small plant, usually they can be found at the base of large trees. Make sure it is complete with roots, and not a root stolon, in which case the process is much more complex. With a shovel make four incisions in the ground, about ten centimeters, from the base of the stem and gently eradicate it from the earth. Eliminate well, with the help of a soft brush, all the earthy lumps that are present in the peripheral root system, to understand are those very small roots, which sometimes look like hair. Now with a small scissor thin out this root system, half of it must remain. If there is a very long main root, it is good to shorten it, or roll it up and hold it in place with a copper wire. The seedling is ready to be potted.

How to pot bonsai

Growing a bonsai also means knowing how to pot it well. Once you have chosen the right «BON» (Bon from Japanese means «bowl»), place a net with the mesh of about half a centimeter on the bottom. Spread a thin layer of soil over the net and then place the seedling. Fill the pot with more soil until the soil is compact, but not excessively, otherwise you would create a sort of plug that would prevent the roots from breathing and absorbing the necessary water. Once potted, it is necessary to wait for the plant to go into a state of vegetative rest. The leaves will fall and in time it will put back new ones, still big though. At that point we move on to the second phase of bonsaizzazione, the cutting of the leaves. «All» are cut with a well-sharpened scissor. the leaves present on the seedling. These will begin to yellow at the edges and eventually fall off, but in the meantime the plant will have replaced them with a double number but smaller in size.

Grow bonsai: How to grow a bonsai from seed

Starting from the seed and then obtaining a bonsai is a really nice experience. It is quite easy to obtain a vigorous seedling from the seed of a citrus fruit, for example a beautiful tangerine. Growing a bonsai starting from the seed obviously takes a long time, but in the case of the mandarin already one year after germination you will have a seedling of about 7 or 8 cm in height. Sow more seeds already in the bonsai pot, then you will only keep the most beautiful plant. Once the leaves are present, usually, in such small plants they are about 2 cm in length, you will have to cut them in half, in a short time they will fall and will come back in double number but smaller. After a year the plant should be topped, that is to say cut at the height you want the bonsai to reach. By continuing to keep the plant topped, the stem gradually grows stronger.

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