Grow on the balcony

Grow flowers and herbs on the balcony

In the hectic life of the city, having a small outdoor space that brings us back into contact with nature is an excellent deterrent to stress. Next to geranium seedlings or other seasonal flowers we can add pots with basil, parsley, mint, rosemary and make that space a useful and fragrant productive corner. Let’s think about how to optimize the space by using walls and railings to position the pots. We can use gratings, vertical pots and cultivation kits, thus multiplying our space. The important thing is that the balcony is sufficiently exposed to the sun to allow our plants to grow adequately. The soil must be of good quality, mixed with fertilizer and to make it draining, we will place some clay on the bottom of the pots. Watering must be constant and according to the need of each plant. Pruning will be seasonal using well-sharpened shears.

Let’s get ready to grow a vegetable garden on the balcony

If we are passionate about growing on the terrace, let’s try planting vegetables. It will be a real resource by saving on food shopping. We will be able to grow tomatoes, lettuce, courgettes, beets, carrots, onions, peppers and aubergines. First we need to think about the size of the pots which, unlike the aromatic plants, must be more capacious. For vertical cultivation, bags in recycled fabric or geotextile are on sale that can be hung on grids fixed to the wall. Their characteristics, such as lightness and resistance to UV rays, allow excellent circulation of air and water. Some models are equipped with an irrigation tank and a mat in TNT and expanded clay to favor the growth of the seedlings. In various shapes and sizes, they can also be used by dividing them into compartments, allowing the cultivation of more plants at the same time. For their originality, they embellish the whole ensemble. The mini greenhouses are also comfortable for the cold seasons, they allow you to monitor the plants and intervene accordingly, with the simple side opening they are equipped with.

Grow the plants of the urban garden

Having prepared the apparatus that will house our urban garden, we have to think about the type of plants to use. The shortest and easiest way is to buy them from a dealer as the root system will already be well developed. Tomato and courgette plants need pots that are at least 40 centimeters deep and equally spaced apart. The recommended period is the end of April. The sliced ​​salads can also be sown by broadcast covering the seeds with little soil and do not have seasonality. By placing pots against the trellised wall, we can plant beans and green beans which are climbing plants and decorate the whole with their leaves. The same is true for cucumbers which, once grown, we should tie them so as not to make them fall back with the weight of their fruits.

Rotating vegetable plants on the balcony

To obtain a good production, even our urban garden will need some precautions. First we will have to carry out the so-called rotation technique, so that we can make the most of the terrain. The best solution is to alternate bulb or tuber cultures, such as carrots, with those that enrich the soil such as tomatoes or legumes that release substances increasing the fertility of the earth. Each vegetable should not be planted in the same place for three to four years. In a well-fertilized soil there is the presence of earthworms that make it fat and well ventilated, producing the much precious humus. We can also think of avoiding rotation by planting annual or perennial plants such as asparagus and artichokes, which offer abundant productions every cycle.

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