Heather variety

When and how much to water

Plants belonging to the genus called Erica require regular irrigation in not excessive quantities, starting from the spring season and throughout the summer. It is important to administer demineralized water, as they do not like limescale. They prefer an environment that is always humid and to avoid the creation of stagnations, it is advisable to make sure that the soil is dry enough, before returning to water. To ensure the correct degree of humidity it is very important to nebulize or spray the foliage frequently, especially on very hot days. Alternatively, it is possible to ensure optimal conditions for the Erica plants by placing ventilated clay in the saucer. In this way, the irrigation water will be retained and will be released gradually in the form of steam.

How to take care of plants

Erica species can be suffruticose, shrubby or perennial. In general, all the different species and varieties do not require special attention and can be grown easily. The ideal period for planting is in spring and they prefer a soil with an acidic pH. A substrate composed of land of leaves, land of heather, coarse sand and peat, ensures correct water drainage, avoiding the onset of dangerous water stagnation. They resist winter temperatures well but fear frosts and climatic conditions below 4 degrees. The flowering period usually begins with the arrival of autumn and can last for some time. No pruning is necessary, just remove the damaged leaves and branches at the end of the winter season.

When and how much to fertilize

It is important that the evergreens of Erica are fertilized during the summer months, using specific products and always following the instructions on the labels. The most suitable liquid fertilizer for this kind of plant is the one for acidophilic plants, to be administered once every two weeks. The arrival of autumn coincides with the beginning of the flowering period, to better support the heather plants and floral production it is useful to change the type of fertilizer used. In fact, it is advisable to opt for a liquid organic solution rich in macro-elements such as potassium and phosphorus, while the nitrogen levels must be lower. The administrations must be regulated and can be repeated cyclically once a month, until the winter season.

Heather variety: Exposure, diseases and possible remedies

Erica plants prefer very bright locations but away from direct sunlight. The most suitable exposure is eastward, as the delicate foliage can be affected by the hot summer sun. If the leaves dry out and fall off the cause is due to the lack of regular and frequent watering. Furthermore, these plants can undergo parasitic infestations, such as scale insects. To promptly eliminate insects, it is advisable to use specific anticoccidial products. The sultry summer temperatures can significantly weaken the heather plants, making them more exposed to the attacks of the so-called red spider. Spraying and misting can avoid the onset of the problem. Alternatively, it is important to choose and administer a good acaricide.

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