Hedge plants prices

Evergreen hedge plants prices

Before evaluating the prices of hedge plants, it is good to understand which type of hedge is best for our needs. If, for example, we need a windproof and anti-noise hedge that is always compact in all seasons, then we must choose evergreen plants. Most of the plants of this type used for hedges are very resistant and vigorous and also require little cultivation care. Here are the most used species and their prices: bamboo, a very popular Japanese plant that costs from 20 to 100 euros per specimen depending on the variety; the cotoneaster, a plant that also produces red berries and costs about 8 euros per seedling; the pyracantha, useful for forming a compact and colorful hedge thanks to the berries of various colors, for a cost of 20 euros per plant; osmanthus, a species that produces very fragrant flowers and costs about 10 euros per specimen; for those who want a lower but always compact hedge there is boxwood, which however costs about 35 euros per seedling; cheaper but very beautiful thanks to its spectacular red leaves, there is the photinia, whose price is around 6 euros per specimen.

Flower hedge plants prices

In addition to its windproof, anti-noise and fencing function, a hedge can also represent an ornamental element for your garden. If you want a hedge that is beautiful to look at, colorful and lively then you need to choose flowering plants. The prices of these hedge plants obviously vary by species. Some of these, in addition to the flowers, produce colored berries, which are also very decorative. Here are the most popular species: chaenomeles japonica produces white or red flowers and costs from 6 to 20 euros depending on the variety; the azalea produces beautiful flowers of various colors and costs from 10 to 30 euros; the camellia has a spectacular flowering in spring and costs around 30 euros; the abelia has a flowering that lasts all summer and costs about 15 euros; the amelanchier costs only 6 euros each and in addition to pretty white flowers it also produces edible berries; the hypericum is a shrub with yellow flowers and costs about 8 euros per plant; the hydrangea produces beautiful flowers gathered in clusters and costs about 15 euros per specimen; and finally lavender, an aromatic plant with very fragrant purple flowers whose price is around 10 euros.

Coniferous hedge plants prices

As an alternative to flowering plants, conifers can also be used to obtain a beautiful hedge. Also evergreen, these are plants with compact and dense foliage that generally do not need very demanding care. Many species are the result of hybrids and therefore can have different heights and colors. The most suitable for forming hedges are those belonging to the cypress or juniper genus. The prices of these hedge plants always vary according to the type. The most used are: the leyland cypress, a particular type of low-height cypress that costs about 15 euros per specimen; the thuja, with a dense habit that costs about 10 euros per plant; the taxus baccata, a plant widely used in topiary art that also produces berries and costs around 30 euros per specimen; and then there is cryptomeria,

Hedge plants prices: Hardwood hedge plants prices

To enclose a large plot of land or a large garden, it is advisable to opt for deciduous hedges. Poplars, ash trees, plane trees and other species of this type belong to this genus of plants. The hedges formed by these species have several advantages, such as fast growth and the creation of large areas of shade, not to mention protection from wind and noise. However, these plants require regular pruning and maintenance. The costs for their maintenance must therefore also be calculated in the prices of these hedge plants. These are the most used species: the chestnut, which also offers fruit to eat and costs about 10 euros if you take a young plant; the ash, the price of which is around 20 euros per piece; the mulberry, which costs about 15 euros per plant; and then again the elm, the poplar,

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