Hedge shrubs

Hedge shrubs

Among the hedge shrubs, the most widely used variety is the Boxus, more commonly known as Bosso, belonging to the Buxaceae family. The most common species in Italy is Buxus sempervirens, an evergreen shrub with small, green and shiny leaves. They grow well in any soil as long as it is well drained, the exposure can be sunny or partial shade. Irrigation must be constant only during the summer season. Another popular variety among hedge shrubsis the plant called Cotoneaster, from the Rosaceae family. It is characterized by the abundant flowering and the subsequent production of red berries. The flowers are creamy-white in color and the leaves are small, green, shiny and compact. It adapts well to different types of terrain and is resistant to cold winter temperatures. It requires direct exposure or partial shade and irrigation must be constant only in summer.

Shrub plants for hedges

Among the hedge shrubsthe species called Forsythia, allow the construction of hedges developed in height, easily reaching even two meters. They belong to the Oleaceae family and are divided into eleven different varieties. One of these is the Forsythia x intermedia Lynwood, a resistant plant suitable for a very sunny exposure, it tolerates temperatures well below zero. The abundant flowering anticipates the release of the leaves and is characterized by a golden-yellow color. From the Betulaceae family, another variety of hedge shrub plants is Carpinus betulus, also known as Carpino. Very branched stem and oval-shaped light green foliage, it adapts well to any kind of drained soil and does not require excessive irrigation except in summer. It grows well in both sunny and partial shade areas,

The varieties of hedge shrubs

Hedge shrubs suitable for temperate climates with the species of Laurus nobilis, commonly known as Laurel. Belonging to the Lauraceae family, it is among the most suitable plants for the creation of garden hedges. The leaves are characterized by the intense scent, are dark green, while the stem is very branched. These plants adapt well to any well-drained soil and require direct exposure to the sun. Irrigation must be regular in summer and it tolerates even the cold temperatures of the winter season very well. Easy cultivation for hedge shrubs of the species Euonymus, called Evonimo, of the Celastraceae family. They are suitable for the Mediterranean climate and also live well near the coasts. The most common is the Euonymus japonicus variety, with oval, green or bicolor variegated leaves.

Kinds of shrub plants for hedges

Resistant and with colorful blooms are the varieties of Hibiscus syriacus, of the Malvaceae family. Plants suitable for creating hedges, embellished by the abundant and prolonged flowering that occurs in spring and lasts all summer. Depending on the species, the foliage can have different sizes, oval and dark green. They also withstand temperatures below zero and require direct and sunny exposure, it is preferable to shelter them from strong currents. They do not need constant watering except during the summer season. The flowers are large and with different shades of color, the selections of the different varieties have produced double flowers, with variegated shades. Among these kinds of shrub plants for hedges, the most notable are the

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