Herbal tea with fennel

Herbal tea with fennel

Fennel herbal tea is a simple and valid solution for problems related to poor digestion, especially if accompanied by other annoyances, such as intestinal swelling, flatulence episodes, belching.It can also be used to relieve abdominal pain of digestive origin, such as the pain caused by colic in the newborn.This herbal tea can also be used during pregnancy and it seems that the use exercised by the mother during breastfeeding can avoid the onset of colic in the infant.The preparation is quite simple: it is boil 15 – 20 grams of fennel in half a liter of water for one to two minutes at the most. Let it rest for twenty minutes, filter and serve two or three times during the day.

Natural remedies: fennel seed tea

Fennel seed tea is a well known and practiced remedy in our kitchens. In fact, this easy recipe has always helped to solve problems related to poor digestion of the body, especially if accompanied by abdominal discomfort, such as swelling, pain, belching or flatulence.Fennel seeds are easily available on the market, not necessarily in herbal medicine , can now also be found in the supermarket.The herbal tea is simple to prepare: you need to take about 15 grams of fennel seeds and boil them for a maximum of a few minutes in half a liter of water. After leaving the mixture to rest for fifteen to twenty minutes, filter through a sieve. The quantity is right to prepare two or three glasses of herbal tea to be consumed throughout the day.

Kitchen remedies: fennel tea

Fennel tea is an ancient remedy, easy to prepare, against all those annoyances linked to poor digestion: abdominal pain, flatulence, belching, bloating. It is a preparation of ancient use, which was often also prepared to relieve the pain of colic in the infant. Even today, fennel seeds are essential components of all those galactofore herbal teas that are prepared for nursing mothers.The preparation is very simple and the seeds are easily purchased anywhere, even in supermarkets. minutes, 15-20 grams of seeds in half a liter of water. Leave to rest for twenty minutes, filter through a colander and serve. The quantity is sufficient to prepare two – three glasses of herbal tea, to be consumed throughout the day.

Herbal tea with fennel seeds

Preparing the fennel seed tea is very simple and fast. You need to boil 15-20 grams of fennel seeds in half a liter of water for a couple of minutes. Then let it rest for twenty minutes, filter with a colander and drink two or three glasses of herbal tea throughout the day.This herbal tea is an ancient and safe remedy against those ailments related to digestive difficulties, especially if concerning disorders such as belching, flatulence. , abdominal swelling, pain and spasms in the stomach area.The use of this preparation can also be effective in relieving the pain of infant colic, fennel seeds are also recommended for women who are breastfeeding their children, to facilitate digestion of breast milk from the newborn.

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