House plant

First step house plant: observe

The first step to make a house plan drawing is to observe each room: is there a bed in the room? What position are you in? How much space does it take up? Start by drawing a house plan of the room and furniture, as well as the spaces in which they are located, on a sheet of paper (use a pencil, so that in case you need to make corrections, you can do it without having to take another sheet ). Repeat the operation not only with one room, but also with all the others, without forgetting to sketch the furniture as well (obviously without the details, but only in a stylized way) in the house plan drawing. As soon as you have finished this first house plan drawing based on the observation of the rooms and the furniture that are in them, you are ready to move on to the next phase of the realization of the house plan design: the measurement of the floors.

Having done this first operation to get an idea of ​​how to draw a house plant, a house plant or a chestnut plant, then and with the help of a meter (a tailor’s is fine too), you will have to take the measurements of the floor, walls and, if there are also gas, water and electricity pipes to be put in the house plan drawing. Make sure you take the measurements in several places, so that the result is as accurate as possible, since the rooms and rooms do not always have perfect geometric shapes, nor do the walls. Then write on the plan drawing the measurements of the walls, floor, furniture and pipes. If necessary, erase the lines of the house plan sketch you made earlier, or draw the new one on or around themdrawing house plan with measurements. If there are also corridors or passages in your house or apartment, do not forget to draw in the house plan, as well as the niches in the wall, any recesses and so on.

Third step: improve the house plan

At this point you should already have a more or less definite idea of ​​your house plan design. But now it’s time to improve it: with the help of a ruler, two squares (one 45 degrees and the other 60 degrees) and a compass, start drawing the house plan drawing with precision from above. Go over the floor, erasing it with an eraser if necessary, then the walls, adding features such as niches, shelves and openings, along with precise measurements. The connections will be placed on the walls, so try to make a fairly thick house plan drawing of the walls of your house plan. And for the scaling of the furniture, walls and floors of your house plan design? Nothing could be easier: for example, if you have decided to use a 1: 200 scale, just take the real length and divide it by 200. Here is an example: room length 8.40 meters = 840 centimeters. 840cm: 200 = 4.2cm. Therefore, a floor 8.40 meters long, on a scale of 1: 200 will measure 4.2 centimeters.

House plan: Fourth step: conclusion of the staircase plan

At the end of these four steps, you will have the house plan drawing in scale and with all the measures. To make the house plan drawing clearer and also distinguish the various rooms, corridors and pipes, you can decide to color it with colored pencils (not with markers, because otherwise you risk making the house plan drawing very messy). However, if you lack time or you are not very familiar with the house plant, the chestnut plant or the house plan drawing, there are free programs and online services on the net that allow you to draw a house plan in a few steps without having to resort to help from an expert. For example, one of the most used programs is Floor Planner, thanks to which you can draw a house plan simply using this online software. Floor Planner does not require the

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