How and when to prune olive trees

When to prune olive trees

As with any fruit tree, even for olive trees there are right and wrong times to prune them. I remember that usually, the olive trees must be pruned in alternate years and it is advisable to prune them in the year in which there will be no fruit production (because the olive trees produce fruit every other year). even those branches that prevent the right passage of light and air in the olive tree crown.The most suitable period for this type of work is the winter period, usually immediately after the olive harvest operation even if there are cases in where the pruning takes place together with the harvest of the fruit. for the uninitiated, olive trees are very sensitive to cold temperatures especially after pruning. In this case, pruning can be done with the arrival of spring and therefore towards the end of March.

After seeing the right times to prune the olive trees, we can move on to the real explanation of how to do this job.Before starting to put your hand on the trees make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand which are: a ladder , a pruner, a scissor, a shears and a hacksaw for the most consistent branches.After making sure you have everything you need, you can start the operation of pruning the olive tree.Let’s start by cutting the dead branches starting from the smaller ones and arriving at the older ones (who may have had some disease and therefore only create disturbance); we will use the shears or scissors for smaller branches, while for those with larger diameter it is advisable to use the hacksaw. If the branches are too high,

Advice on pruning olive trees

Pruning olive trees is not an easy job to perform, so care must be taken in completing this task. To do this I can give you some advice to follow to succeed in your intent at best.The first advice I want to give you is to pay attention to the plants that are going to be pruned, this is because young trees, for the most part, do not need to be pruned for the simple fact that they grow well.Another thing to say about the age of the plant is that on young olive trees, where necessary, it will be necessary to do a lighter pruning than on older olive trees where you could also prune entire branches. It is strictly recommended to intervene first on the largest branches and leave the smaller ones for last.

How and when to prune olive trees: Conclusion

This article was created with the intention of helping the inexperienced user to achieve his goals (in this case how and when to prune the olive trees). By following what is said in this guide you can easily succeed in achieving your goals in such a way as to have clean olive trees ready for the next flowering and olive harvest. This guide can be followed by the beginner, but if problems of different entities arise during the olive tree pruning process, my advice is to contact a more trained staff who will be able to help you in the best possible way in solving the problems encountered during the operation. . If you have done the pruning correctly, you will be able to enjoy the results during the flowering period and later the fruit harvest.

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