How to build a canopy

How to build a glulam canopy

First let’s see how to build a laminated wood canopy. Once the project is done and the exact dimensions have been established, we will have to prepare the base, which must be made up of a small concrete cast, unless the flooring that will accommodate our small building is not already adequate for the purpose. Once the base is ready, we will prepare, already cut to size, all the pieces of laminated wood that we will need. The supporting pylons must be the first to be mounted. We will fix them to the floor using special metal supports, which we will fix to the ground using dowels. We will hook the horizontal side members to the pylons, basically the structure that will support the roof. To do this, we will use screws with nut and lock nut, which we will pass through the glulam through a hole, which must be at least 9mm thick. The support screws, on the other hand, must not be less than 8 millimeters. Once the longitudinal members have been mounted, we will position beams of lesser thickness to the longitudinal members themselves. At this point you will only have to decide which coverage to apply. Typically, PVC tile sheets are used.

To understand how to build a canopyin iron, we will have to start from an absolutely necessary tool: the electric welding machine, and for a good result of the project we will also have to be quite practical to use it. The supporting pillars of the canopy must be of boxed iron with a side 10 or 12 centimeters and a thickness of at least 3 millimeters. We will join a horizontal spar to two pylons while standing on the ground, or the main welds we will do before lifting the structure. United pylons and spars we will have two figures similar to soccer goals. We will fix them on the pavement by means of dowels, which we will pass through the metal brackets that we will have previously welded to the foot of the pylons. We will join the two structures by means of some iron beams of at least 5 centimeters per side. As a cover we can use different materials such as rolled ondulux,

How to build a cheap canopy

Let’s now see how to build a canopyeconomic. The best solution is to use construction timber, which is strong and fairly inexpensive. For the pylons we will use beams of at least 12 cm on each side. Being raw wood and very little seasoned, it will be treated with an impregnating agent, and the parts on the ground will also be tarred. Once the pylons are fixed to the ground by means of brackets and dowels, we will join the horizontal side members making them rest directly on the top of the pylons. To fix them we will use metal plates that will be equipped with holes and with self-tapping screws we will join everything together. At this point we will position beams of about 5 centimeters to the side of the side members, to fix them we will use, also in this case, self-tapping screws. A cheap cover could be made of clear polycarbonate sheets.

We can also build a canopy with DIY. First we will have to start from the project on paper to properly establish the dimensions of each piece that we will then create. Remember to take the measurements very accurately, making a mistake on a piece would mean delaying the whole process or obtaining a poor result. Once the drawing is done we will get the material, which in this case will be suitable timber. We will need some tools: a circular saw, a jigsaw, an electric screwdriver and a drill. As hardware instead we will have to buy self-tapping screws, iron plates prepared with holes, brackets, always already drilled and wall plugs about ten centimeters long and at least 7 or 8 mm thick. For roofing, the PVC tile sheets will be perfect and easy to install. With the project realized and with the material available, it will be enough for us to assemble everything to have a beautiful functional and economical canopy.

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