How to build a dog house

Types of kennels

Dog kennels are found in different materials, in resin, in masonry, but wood is perhaps the most used material. If you want to make it at least partially yourself, there are prefabricated kits of kennels on the market that can be easily assembled by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Usually they are interlocking systems, without nails or screws. The dimensions of the kennel depend on the size of the dog, in general it can be said that it must exceed the width of the animal by at least 30 cm, the length of 45 cm and the height of 25 cm. The kennel can have a gable roof, in this case the fronts end in a triangle. Or a single pitch, in which case the shape will be that of a trapezoid. In some cases the roof is fixed with hinges and can be opened, allowing easier cleaning.

Let’s see how to build a dog housemade of wood do it yourself. The simplest way is to build it in plywood, in fact it is a material already partially worked, it does not have to be planed or thickened. It is easy to cut, comes in sheets of different thickness. First you need to draw the parts of the kennel on the sheet: two rectangles that will form the side walls, the two fronts that end in a triangle, the two flaps for the roof, the bottom. They can be easily cut out with a jigsaw. On one of the two fronts the door is drawn, cut out and removed. The cut parts must be carefully sanded. They can be assembled with nails (better if you can use a nail gun) or screws using a screwdriver. However, it is always better to pass a thin layer of vinyl glue on the sides in contact. Under the bottom it is necessary to provide for the fixing of the legs so that the kennel is raised from the ground. You can use two joists of 6×6 cm and as long as the bottom, so that it rests well over the entire length.

Kennel for outdoor dogs

Another fairly simple way is to use beads. Even the beads are a pre-finished material, they are strips of about ten cm with tongue and groove joints that can be easily assembled. With this assembly method there are no gaps and no drafts. However, it is necessary to provide a framework on which to fix them so that they do not bend. For this purpose, use strips 10 cm wide and two thick, you need two for each part of the kennel. They must be placed perpendicular to the beads. The beads are screwed to the strips forming the five necessary parts and then we proceed to fix them together using 5.5 cm screws. Let’s see how to build an outdoor dog kennel: you need to insulate the kennel and protect the dog from the cold, you can insert a sheet of polystyrene between the two strips. Then fixing a thinner plywood sheet inside, in order to obtain a double wall. You can do the insulation on all the walls and on the bottom. The legs can be made up of four cubes with the side of 8 cm, to adequately distance it from the ground.

Cheap do-it-yourself kennel

If you want to save money, you can use wood recovered from fruit boxes. Also in this case the strips are already worked. The only drawback is that gaps can remain between one and the other, which let air in. Therefore this method is fine if the kennel is placed in a sheltered place. In this type of construction, i must build a frame on which to nail the laths. As for the painting, the interior is either left unfinished or painted with non-toxic water-based paints. For the exterior it is good to plan to use the impregnating agent that protects the wood from atmospheric agents as it penetrates deeply into the pores. A first coat is applied and a second and preferably a third one after 8 hours. On the roof it is advisable to fix waterproofed sheets.

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