How to build a gazebo

How to build a gazebo

Building a gazebo will be a very pleasant activity for DIY lovers. It is true that, depending on the materials, the sizes and the general appearance we want for our gazebo, we could spend an amount of money equal to what might be necessary to buy a ready-made gazebo. But build a gazeboit means a great way to train with DIY activities and create something that can give us personal satisfaction. Obviously, before building the gazebo, we will have to measure the space in which it will be placed. Furthermore, to anchor our gazebo to the ground, we will have to check the state of the ground; if the ground is soft enough, we will get some posts to insert into the ground. If we want to place the gazebo on a concrete surface, the poles will be anchored with concrete.

The iron gazebo is ideal for those who would like a very resistant structure. We will start by positioning the four feet of the gazebo, at the distance you prefer, and then put two rods on them, which will form the roof, so that they cross in the central part of the four pillars. At this point, it will be necessary to weld both the pillars and the two rods positioned at the top, so that they remain in a stable and long-lasting position. After welding, it is advisable to let everything rest for a few hours, before continuing with our work. After the rest hours have passed, the structure can be painted first with the rust inhibitor and, consequently, with the enamel. After finishing, it would be better to leave the gazebo sheltered from the elements for a few days,

To build a wooden gazebodo it yourself, first of all, you will have to dig four holes, where the pillars of the structure will then be inserted. After digging the holes, the four poles will be placed inside them, to then add some concrete. It will take about two or three days to continue with the work, so that the poles are well anchored thanks to the concrete. At this point, it will be time to take care of the upper part of our gazebo, that is the roof. Using a drill to make holes and bolts, we will anchor beams in the posts. These beams will serve to support polycarbonate panels. To preserve the wood of the gazebo it is essential to take the necessary care. The waterproofing and anti-woodworm liquid will be useful for treating the wooden parts of the structure.

Tools for the wooden gazebo

To proceed with the construction of a do-it-yourself gazebo it is important to first obtain the right tools and materials. They are tools readily available from hardware stores or any DIY retailer. In general, you will need: a measuring wheel, a spade, a pickaxe, a hammer, a drill, a trowel, a saw. As for the materials, you will need: concrete, bolts, polycarbonate panels, beams, poles. The quantity of the various materials will depend on the size of our gazebo we would like it to have. The clerks in specialized shops will be able to give advice on the purchases necessary for the construction of the structure. To build a gazebo, it is necessary to ask for the authorizations to the municipality of residence, by submitting a declaration of start of business.

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