How to build a wooden canopy

Wooden shed

A canopy is usually made to cover an open space, so that atmospheric agents cannot create problems. A canopy could be made to protect the entrance to the house, to create a cover for the car, to protect the hay or agricultural equipment in case of construction in the countryside. A wooden shed could also represent a valid solution to act as a gazebo on a terrace or in a garden. The wooden canopies are accessory structures to a building and in case they are built of small dimensions, they should not need building permits, but since the regulations are very variable, before proceeding with the construction it would be advisable to inquire in the technical offices of your municipality. .

To understand how to build a wooden canopyfirst of all, an adequate project must be carried out that takes into consideration how it must be anchored to the ground and how it must be fixed to the building walls. If you want to build a shed in a ground it is advisable to plant the support poles in a pour of concrete, so that the correct stability of the structure is guaranteed. To support the roof, the necessary diameter of the poles must also be considered. Depending on the canopy, the adequate number of poles should also be considered, as well as the appropriate hooks with brackets that must be anchored to the wall. The shed should be built with a correct slope to allow the water to flow out. To increase the resistance of the structure, poles at the end and near the wall could be used.

Construction of a wooden shed

The first operation to be carried out is to check the flatness of the ground, because in case of imperfect leveling it could be very problematic to arrange the tiles on the roof. Once the ground has been prepared, proceed by delimiting the perimeter in order to identify the points where to carry out the excavations for the piles. The holes should be square in size with a depth of at least 40 centimeters. Gravel must be placed at the bottom of the hole to ensure adequate drainage. The posts must be placed in the holes and subsequently propped up to hold them in position while the concrete is poured. Before the concrete dries completely, it is advisable to check the perpendicularity of the pole using the plumb line and a level. The concrete takes a couple of days to dry.

Roof construction

When the concrete is dry, you can proceed to drill the part of the poles and fix the beams that join the poles and on which the beams that will act as roof will be anchored. The beams can be fixed using bolts. When the roof beams are also positioned, the bituminous shingles can be fixed to the roof using the special nails. The structure must then be fixed to the wall using the appropriate brackets that must be blocked on the wall. To prevent the wood being used from being damaged by atmospheric agents or by parasitic insects, it is advisable to treat the surfaces with special products. The use of impregnated products must be repeated over time to ensure a long life of the structure.

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