How to build a wooden gazebo

How to build a wooden gazebo: the design

By drawing a schematic project, you can get an idea of ​​how to build a wooden gazebo. Once you have established the shape you want to give to your structure, you will calculate the measurements of the perimeter. This will be used to establish the total amount of expenditure. The analysis of the terrain where you are going to place the building must be flat and compact. If the location does not meet these requirements, you will have to proceed to make it so. It will be decided whether to leave the bottom lawn, or whether to create a concrete floor, to be completed later with a coating. The cover of the gazebo can be done in different ways. For fixed solutions, PVC tile sheets are recommended. While for removable solutions, during the winter months, you can use cloth or waxed sheets,

Preparation of the base of the gazebo

Once the design is complete, let’s see, in practice, how to build a gazeboWood. We will position the bearing poles at the four corners of the perimeter of the base, inside holes that we have previously dug. They will have to come out of the ground for at least 2.5 meters. We will fill the hole with cement mortar, securing the posts so that they remain straight. You will have to wait at least twenty-four hours for the concrete to dry perfectly. Once it is dry, you can cover the base of the supporting poles with earth, if you want to leave the bottom lawn. If, on the other hand, we have chosen to create a flooring, we will proceed to place an electro-welded mesh, of the same size as the base of our gazebo. So we are going to make a concrete cast, leveling it and perimeter it with wooden beams which will then be removed.

Assembly of the support beams of the gazebo

The next steps, of how to build a gazeboin wood, provide for the assembly of the support beams. They will be placed perpendicular to the supporting poles and at least two on each side. To do this we will need the help of two or three people. The joining of the beams will be carried out by means of large screws or bolts inserted in the center of each beam and joined to the bearing pole. Before proceeding to insert the screws, it will be advisable to drill holes, using a drill, in the point where the screws will be housed. This operation will facilitate our work. At least one person will have to support the support beam, while the other will fix the screws. If window openings have been provided on the sides of the gazebo, these measurements must be calculated for the subsequent insertion of the window frames.

Assembly of the roof and finishing of the gazebo

During the assembly phase of the gazebo roof, we will position the upper beams by placing them on the supporting poles, where we will have previously spread a layer of special vinyl glue. With the drill, we will make a small lead-through hole through the side member, until we hit the supporting pylon. With a large self-tapping screw, we will join these two parts and secure them definitively. Once the work is completed, we can proceed with the painting. The material we are going to buy must be indicated for outdoor use. We can choose to use a color matching our home, or leave it natural. In the latter case, we will find several types of impregnating agent on the market, some of which already have an anti-moth action.

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