How to build an iron barbecue

The barbecue, a forbidden dream of many Italians

There can be an infinite number of reasons why you want to have a garden: to grow plants, flowers and vegetables; to have an extra space in which to place tools and various equipment; to park the car, moped or bicycles; to be able to sunbathe during the beautiful summer days, and so on. The reason why the majority of people living in apartments would be willing to change their lives in order to enjoy a house with an outdoor space is missing: none other than having a barbecue with which to prepare succulent grilled meat, fish. , vegetables, in the company of family and friends. A tradition that seems to be taken directly from the United Kingdom and the typical Sunday barbecues, but which is actually very popular in Italy too. The lucky ones who can take advantage of the comfort of having a garden, however, often turn up their noses at the word “barbecue”: it is expensive, difficult to maintain, I never use it, etc. the most common excuses. Let’s analyze together why they are not true.

All the advantages and features of the barbecue in the garden

First of all, one very important thing must be specified immediately: buying a barbecue is not expensive at all, on the contrary, several supermarkets or hypermarkets always insert in their catalogs some barbecues to choose from, all at absolutely affordable prices. Secondly, the barbecue does not require difficult or laborious maintenance as all it takes is a pair of gloves, a brush and a mild soap to keep it clean and ready to use. Finally, it is really hard not to fall into the temptation to use a barbecue if you have a garden, as there will always be someone ready to roast sausages and fish for the whole evening! However, if you feel a strong and irresistible call to dexterity, it may be useful to know that it is possible to build a beautiful stone barbecue, ready to be used for any eventuality and at any time of the year. Of course, a barbecue can also be placed on a balcony, as long as it is very spacious. Let’s see now how to build an iron barbecue.

How to build an iron barbecue? Let’s see what tools you need to have: a welder, clamps and a sheet metal. The nerve center of the barbecue is the hearth, on which coal or firewood must be placed to allow the dishes to be cooked. Above all this, a grill must be placed, which is essential for cooking optimally and keeping food separate from combustible material. First of all, you need to get a rectangular-shaped box from the sheet metal, and to do this you obviously need to help yourself with a welder. Once this is done, you need to join the sides of what will be the actual barbecue with the clamps, leaving the top of the “box” open. At this point it will be sufficient to create a space for the insertion of the barbecue legs and make sure that the entire structure stands upright by itself. After arranging the grill and making a lid, you can make small air vents on the sides of the barbecue to make sure that the fumes from the grill also come out on the sides.

Different types of barbecues compared: iron and masonry

Now that’s the iron barbecueit’s nice that it’s ready, there is no excuse for not using it. The iron barbecue is a very popular solution that fits well into any environment and is able to always do its job well. Furthermore, depending on its size, it lends itself very well to be carried around, perhaps to give life to barbecues in the open air in areas where it is allowed to cook and eat in company. Real barbecue enthusiasts usually turn up their noses when they find themselves in front of an object of this type made of iron, this is because according to the “purists”, the real barbecue is the one made of masonry. Very beautiful to look at and able to give elegance to balconies and open spaces, the brick barbecue is usually more expensive than the iron one,

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