How to cure the American vine

The ideal soil for the American vine

Generally the American vine adapts to many types of soil, but prefers a temperate climate and habitual drainage that often makes it cool, especially in summer. The amount of water and watering times must be considered depending on the place where you live and the place where you intend to plant the vine. If the location is in a sunny area and in a warm place, the plant should be watered often; if, on the other hand, it is located in an area of ​​half shade and in a cooler place, it can be watered less. As with any plant, it is important not to abound with the quantity of water and to avoid water stagnation that would kill it. During winter and in rainy periods, it is advisable not to water the plant at all, so as not to risk the soil getting too wet.

Taking care of the American vine

American life is a plant that grows best if planted as an adult and must be planted in a very large and deep pot, which adapts to its roots. Being a climbing plant, the pot should then be placed near a wall or something high on which it can grow freely. Every spring it would be ideal to replace the soil on which the plant was placed. If the pot is too small, you have to repot it, or change it with a larger one, thus also replacing the soil. Obviously the plant can be planted directly on the ground, but always close to a wall. The important thing is that on the place where you are going to dig you put a layer of manure and one of soil, and then arrange the plant as best as possible, compact the earth around and water it.

The fertilization of the American vine

Being a climbing plant that must grow in height, it must be cared for and nurtured. Fertilization therefore becomes an essential part of its growth. As already mentioned, the vine must be planted in the double layer of manure and soil, so as to give more nourishment to make it grow more foliage. This operation must be done every winter (beginning and end of the season), putting the fertilizer or manure at the foot of the plant, obviously without neglecting the watering phase. The vines planted in the pot, having less soil available, may need more precautions, so that in the spring and summer months, approximately every sixty days, it should be diluted in the water with which you will go to water the liquid nitrogen, to make it grow more leaves and beautify this beautiful plant more.

How to cure the American vine: Diseases and remedies of the American vine

If the American vine is located in a very hot place, it can easily be subject to powdery mildew, a white mold that sticks to the leaves or branches of the plant, causing them to become deformed and then dry them. To cure it of this disease, all the diseased parts must be pruned and then the plant must be disinfected with specific fungicides. It can also be prone to attacks by aphids, small insects that feed on its sap, also carrying infections and viruses. They too are treated with specific products, after removing the diseased parts. Another dangerous insect is the cochineal, which can be eliminated by disinfecting the plant with specific soaps or insecticides, if the damage is serious. Very common parasite is also the red spider, which feeds on many species of plants. Its attack is recognized by the progressive loss of color which then leads to the death of the leaf and subsequently to that of the whole plant. It too is treated with specific products, or by using entomophagous insects that feed on it.

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