How to grow strawberries

Strawberries: they are good, they are beautiful

Strawberries are fruits that belong to the Fragaria genus. There are about six hundred different varieties of strawberries, not counting the wild ones that grow spontaneously in the woods. The strawberry is a very beautiful fruit to look at, and on the balcony it can also be grown for ornamental purposes, because it has beautiful white flowers and has large green leaves. It also contains vitamins, minerals and sugar, so it is also good for the body. In supermarkets it is possible to find strawberries throughout the year, because they are grown in greenhouses, but generally they are divided between unifere, or non-flowering, which bear the fruit only once a year, in spring, and bifera, or reblooming, which instead produce fruit for the entire period between spring and autumn. If you wanted to try growing in the garden, or on the terrace of the house,

How to grow strawberries

Strawberries do not need a lot of space, so you can choose to plant them either in a corner of the garden or in a pot on the balcony: there are beautiful terracotta pots specially designed for this purpose. The characteristics of the place where you choose to do the cultivation must provide for the presence of a lot of sun, and a light and very draining soil, because the strawberry seedlings are very afraid of stagnation of water. The climate must be temperate, neither too hot nor too cold. Small seedlings can be bought at a nursery, which must be inserted deep into the soil, and to ensure that they take root, the soil could be enriched using compost. If the seedlings are planted outside, it is a good idea to adopt the practice of mulching,

Flowering and fruit

The seedlings must be planted in spring: the following year the first flowering will take place, a prelude to fruit production. When the first small white flowers bloom, care must be taken to water the plants regularly, because they need a lot of water to give beautiful juicy fruits. However, you must take care not to wet the leaves, because they could rot, but rather try to let the water filter directly into the soil, up to the roots. In spring, the first fruits will begin to grow, and depending on the variety of plant that has been purchased, there will be a single abundant production, or a milder but prolonged production until autumn. The worst dangers to fruits are both animal and plant parasites, such as aphids or fungi:

Strawberries and their use

The fruits of strawberries can be used to be eaten fresh, just removed from the plant, with a little cream or ice cream for the sweet tooth. Or they can be used to prepare jams: in this case it will be good to prefer the cultivation of uniform strawberries. In the kitchen they are not only used to prepare desserts, but risotto with strawberries is also very good. The seedlings have an average life of three to four years, after which they must be explanted and replaced. You can replicate the seedlings by burying a long branch of one of them, and making it root. At this point, having learned and already experienced how to grow strawberries, it will not be difficult to have a new fruit production, to brighten up your green corner in the garden or on the balcony, as well as the table! Source:

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