How to make flower arrangements

How to choose the right flower arrangement

The first ingredient needed to create a beautiful flower arrangement is fantasy, but how do we know what kind of combination is ideal for our needs? The first things to take into consideration are the person to whom the composition is intended and the environment in which it will probably be exhibited, from these two clues we can begin to get an idea of ​​the type of work to be carried out; if the person to whom it is addressed is a relative or someone particularly close, it will be easier to choose the flowers that will be made based on the recipient’s favorite color and the color of the room in which our small work will probably be exhibited, the roses for for example, they are suitable for a person with classic tastes and for an intimate environment,

Flowers for any occasion

If we are talking about a boy, we can orient ourselves towards a composition of iris and carnations with a prevalence of blue and green hues combined with white lilies. On Valentine’s Day or for a wedding anniversary, red roses are a classic that never disappoints.

How to create a flower arrangement

If we have complete freedom of choice and are not too bound to particular needs, a secret for the success of a good composition is to choose fresh seasonal flowers, being careful to avoid those that are eaten or marked and discarding buds that are too small but bearing in mind that some bud not yet flowered will be taken because it will allow the composition to last longer. In addition to the flowery part we will have to pay attention to leaves and twigs that will represent the green part, very important to create a good general balance. We instinctively tend to appreciate more works whose shape is symmetrical and in which the colors are distributed in a non-random way, therefore the higher green parts must be placed in the center and the lower ones on the outside, as a frame,

How to make flower arrangements: Fundamental tips for a perfect composition

To make our composition more long-lived, if we use fresh flowers it is necessary to cut the final part of the stem obliquely and make a vertical cut about one centimeter long, always at the bottom of the stem, if the flowers are kept in water it is important that it is a room temperature and add to it a tablespoon of sugar and one of vinegar. If, on the other hand, dried flowers are used for the composition, spray hair spray on the elements and use a florist’s sponge as a base to be placed inside the chosen vase. An important secret to ensure symmetry to the composition is to play with the length of the stems; those of the central area of ​​the composition must be the longest and those of the external part the shortest.

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