How to plant roses

When to plant roses

As with any plant, there are also suitable times for roses. The plants purchased directly in the pot (which are conveniently found throughout the year in botanical centers or even in the most equipped supermarkets), can be planted in all months of the year, excluding the coldest periods where there is snow or temperature. very low. On the other hand, for plants purchased without pots (which can be purchased from November to February in shops specializing in the sale of plants and tools for gardening), which have their roots together with the earth wrapped in a plastic bag, the period indicated as the best is autumn. / winter. One tip is to plant the roses in a place that is not very hot, very cold or humid, so it’s best to avoid sunny days to do this job.

How to plant roses (complete guide)

Before you start preparing the ground for planting roses, several factors need to be taken into account. Roses do not like particularly hot places, but not too cold either. The place must be ventilated enough but not too windy. So, based on this, it will be better for us to choose a position where there is enough light but not too much sun and not too much wind. I also remember that roses should not be planted too close to a building (as it could be a wall) but to plant them at least 30-40 cm away from this obstacle. After finding the ideal spot we can go on with the guide. It is necessary to dig a hole large enough to allow the roots to expand without problems, after having prepared the pit it is recommended to put the roses in a bucket full of water and leave it for a minimum of 2 hours but less than 24 hours. After the indicated time we can plant our roses. Insert the roses into the dug hole so that the graft point is about 5 centimeters above the ground. Press the earth around the rose and water abundantly.

Main diseases of roses and related treatments

There are many types of rose diseases here we will describe a few. Gray mold: This disease originates from a fungus called gray mold due to the aesthetic characteristics it assumes. It can branch out to different places on the plant including torso and leaves. In the most tragic cases, the rosebuds fold and dark spots may appear on the petals. Remedies: Being a disease that often occurs among roses, there are several remedies available. One of them is the removal of the parts affected by the disease and then use specific products to keep it from coming back. Attack of the red spider: When you notice yellow spots on the leaves and then the leaf curls up, most likely you are under the attack of the red spider which is a sometimes annoying and harmful mite for our rose. Remedies:


This guide was created with the intent of helping the beginner to achieve his goals (in this case how to plant roses). By following what has been said you can easily succeed in achieving your goals in such a way as to make your home or garden more beautiful thanks to the introduction of roses. This guide can be followed to plant all types of roses, but for some particular types of roses it is advisable to have the work done by an expert gardener who will know how to best deal with the types of soil and with the various problems that could arise. during the planting process of our rose. If you have planted the roses correctly you will be able to admire your plant in all its glory during the flowering period.

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