How to prune roses

How to prune roses.

The right pruning: when and how to care for roses. The pruning of roses in general must begin with the elimination of the dead and diseased parts and must conclude with the removal of all weak branches or those that cross each other. If, on the other hand, the leaves of the roses show dark spots and begin to fall very prematurely, it is likely that the plant is under attack of a fungal infestation and it will be necessary to intervene promptly before the plant weakens and, unfortunately, dies. In any case, after pruning, which must take place in spring, between mid and late August it will be necessary to fertilize the plant with the indicated fertilizer, to ensure optimal autumn flowering and strengthen the growth of the next new buds. Furthermore,

How to prune climbing roses.

Climbing roses: the exact pruning from ever-flowering to non-flowering varieties. Climbing roses include a very wide variety from remontant to non remontant, spectacular without a shadow of a doubt as they adorn and embellish everywhere, by their nature they develop and extend «climbing» precisely. In the event that we have a climbing rose of a remontant variety in the garden, prune it at the beginning of the spring period. First of all it will be necessary to eliminate only dry and diseased parts in order to ensure a splendid and uniform flowering. When the flowers wither, the lateral branches will have to be cut at least 5 millimeters above the second five-leafed leaf, in this way, in fact, the new flowering will be favored, more fortified than before.

Rose: practical advice.

How to choose roses for your garden. For gardens located in very hot and humid areas, tea rose hybrids are not recommended as they have a low tolerance to very high heat and humidity. In fact, noisette roses, China roses or old-fashioned tea roses that resist this particular climatic condition will certainly be more suitable. For gardens, on the other hand, more exposed to the north or to the sea areas, the right choice is the wrinkled rose as it tolerates brackish in the air, prolonged drought and very low temperatures. Finally, climbing roses can be used to create covers of both the ground and walls and fences as desired, in fact, it will be enough to stop the branches in the appropriate position with pegs and wire ties for the ground and the walls,

Demonstration video on how to prune roses.

Pruning roses is not a very complex gardening practice but, for all novice green thumb aspirants, here is a demonstration video on how to perform pruning in the most correct way in order to avoid causing irreversible damage to the plant itself. Furthermore, we remind you that, as a good gardener, it will be advisable to equip yourself with the basic DIY kit with the appropriate equipment (shears, bucket, shovels, watering can, etc.) and the most appropriate protective clothing from gloves to boots so that you can work in comfort and peace of mind. The video shows how to perform the pruning practice in a rose garden with plants falling within the remontant variety that we have already illustrated in the previous paragraph.

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