How to prune the lemon

Things to do before pruning

For the less accustomed, it is important to emphasize that even before approaching lemon pruning it is important to worry about safeguarding our safety and that of others: first of all, therefore, we will have to wear gardening gloves and protective goggles, necessary protections during this type of jobs. Once we have made sure we have a work environment suitable for our needs, and above all safe, we can proceed with the selection of our cutting tools. To prune the lemon, in fact, we will need saws, garden shears and electric saws, the latter to be used only in the case of more robust and difficult branches to cut. Furthermore, both before and after pruning, we will have to remember to clean and disinfect our tools,

How to prune

Lemon pruning is usually done in early spring, or, alternatively, at the end of summer, so as not to run into periods that would prove too cold or too hot. We emphasize how the pruning of the lemon tree is absolutely necessary both in order to improve its fruiting, and as an indispensable tool to keep its contours under control. In fact, we will go to cut all the branches that are now broken, dry, or in any case too thin to be able to support the weight of ripe lemons. The important thing to always keep in mind, when pruning a lemon tree, is that it will always be necessary to seek a compromise between the shape that we are going to impose on the crown of the tree and the turn it has taken by itself as it grows.

Differences in pruning

Of course, it is also possible to grow a lemon plant in pots, and not just in the garden. When we go to proceed with the pruning of a potted lemon, the overall work will obviously be less, compared to a garden tree, and in this specific case our priority will be to make sure that the plant is able to receive the light correctly. Of sun. To do this, it will be necessary to “open” the plant, and to do so it will be sufficient to remove the old branches that are in the innermost part of the same. Once this is done, it will be necessary to cut all those branches that will be thinner than a normal drawing pencil. The substantial difference, in the pruning of a lemon in a pot, is that this time it will also be necessary to take care of the roots: approximately every three years,

How to prune lemon: Differences between young and adult plants

There are important differences between young lemons and older specimens, and this obviously translates into two different ways of proceeding with their pruning. Essentially, we can say that young lemons will need an important and decisive pruning, while the adult counterpart will need greater care in choosing the branches to cut, in order to favor the birth of new ones. By going to operate with our scissors and saws, we will be able to give the plant a potentially very different appearance from the original one: as a rule, the lemon is made larger in the lower part and made to shrink as you go up with your gaze. , this in such a way as to allow the sun to better penetrate its branches. The aesthetic priority, in going to prune the lemon,

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