Hydrangea meaning

Garden: meaning of hydrangea, history.

The introduction of Hydrangea in Europe is due to Philibert Commerson, a French naturalist, who traveled the world to catalog plants and animals. On one of his trips to Asia he met a fantastic plant in the Chinese forests, with simple but beautiful flowers, with harmonious scents. Back in Europe, he brought this plant with him, introducing it into the European ecosystem. For the tones of its delicate and elegant colors and scents, he decided to call it Ortensia, in honor of Hortense Lapeaute, the woman he had always been madly in love with, but unfortunately married to one of his best friends, the astronomer Jerome La Lande. This story makes Ortensia one of the symbolic plants of love and romanticism, but which hides meanings that are not always very positive and suitable for romantic situations.

Garden: meaning of hydrangea

While the history of the introduction of hydrangea in Europe is one of the most romantic, the most commonly used meaning of this flower is not the most friendly and lovable. In fact, giving a hydrangea as a gift means the intention and desire to escape and not having the intention of deepening relationships. If, for example, they invite you to a dinner, it is not advisable to give a hydrangea as a gift; perhaps without knowing the true meaning, it is almost spontaneous to give a plant so beautiful and easy to care for, but whoever invited you could understand this gesture as a lack of gratitude for the invitation or a lack of desire to be there. Clearly, if you have already given a hydrangea in a similar situation, you are still in time to exonerate yourself if the recipient knows the meaning of the flowers.

Garden: meaning of hydrangea, second meaning

Clearly for the same reason, it is not advisable to give a Hydrangea to friends or especially to a loved one. In this case, the gesture of giving this plant could be interpreted as a lack of desire, or as a total lack of interest in deepening the relationship in question. Hydrangea is a plant that is often given as a gift, especially in spring and summer, to friends. I use this especially among female friends, usually more passionate about flowers than men, who see only the beauty of its flowers in the Hydrangea, without knowing the true meaning behind this gesture; in fact, given as a gesture of love and friendship, the opposite message will actually be sent to the person who will receive it. So pay close attention next time to make a nice gesture,

Hydrangea meaning: Garden: meaning of hydrangea, alternative meaning.

Another meaning, less used and less common than the hydrangea plant, but certainly much more romantic and suitable for the beauty of this flower and its history, is gratitude! Even if totally inverse to the most used meaning, sometimes giving the hydrangea can be understood as a gesture of gratitude. In fact, the less pessimistic and more romantic, give another interpretation to the history of its introduction in the West; according to them, Commerson’s gesture of baptizing the Hydrangea with this name is linked more to gratitude towards this woman for having made him know the pure feeling of love, rather than to his suffering of never being able to have her as his woman or to the refusal of her as already married. So, in addition to the commonly used meaning of Hydrangea, there is a ‘

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