Ikea gardening

Ikea gardening: department

The Ikea gardening department is very rich in products ranging from vases, pot holders, watering cans, pedestals, artificial plants and not. Its wealth of products is due to the simple fact that the main objective of the company is to fully satisfy all its customers, and at the same time allow them to grow in their garden all the varieties of plants suitable for their environment but also at the level of green thumbs they have. In the catalog of the respective site, it is also possible to choose from a wide range of products suitable for furnishing your garden in the best possible way. From wood to metal, from brown to white, from simple but comfortable sofas to comforting armchairs, the customer is able to choose the product that best suits his personal needs,

Ikea gardening: pot holders

The pot holders that fall into the Ikea gardening category have countless aesthetic, technical and chromatic characteristics. You can choose from white, blue, yellow, gray, brown, pink, black, red, green and multicolored products. For those who want to give their garden a minimal touch without spending an exorbitant amount, it is possible to buy pot holders with a maximum diameter of about 14 cm, made of earthenware and painted internally in such a way as to waterproof the vase itself. For lovers of elegant and classic style, you can choose between a galvanized steel vase, coated with white epoxy powder, with a lace-like decoration on the top. Lovers of nature and ecological materials can aim to purchase a vase made entirely by hand, by intertwining with the water hyacinth, coated with propylene plastic, and painted with a transparent acrylic product in such a way as to avoid damage caused by weathering. In addition to these materials, it is possible to buy pot holders in: aluminum, bamboo and clay.

Ikea gardening: artificial plants

In the Ikea gardening section dedicated to artificial plants, you can buy countless reproductions of flowers and plants, which can be placed both inside and outside your garden; they are especially suitable for those who have little time to devote themselves to plants, or simply to have specimens that would otherwise have a short life in their garden. You can choose from: grass, rose, common daisy, amaryllis, bamboo, orchid, poinsettia, poinsettia and fern palm. These specimens of artificial plants can be washed simply using a damp cloth, and can be purchased by choosing from countless colors: pink, red, green, yellow, white and purple. They are made of steel wires (with the purpose of maintaining the structures such as branches and leaves), ethylene plastic,

Ikea gardening: plants

In addition to pot holders and artificial plants, in the Ikea gardening department you can buy real plants such as deciduous trees, or bulbs. The choice of the plants that best suit your needs and environments can be made by analyzing the technical data sheet shown in each product, the maximum and minimum temperature they are able to withstand, the position with respect to the light, watering etc. Among the many specimens it is possible to choose between: aloe, cactaceae, bulbs, orchids, pineapple plants, yucca, areca, hippeastrum, anthurium, bromeliaceae, chamaecyparis, calathea, cyclamen, sago palm etc. in addition to these plants you can choose a carnivorous plant, and even bonsai made with the most disparate species. It is convenient to know that,

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