Illuminated gardens

What are illuminated gardens

When you decide to create gardens illuminated by a lighting system, the main objective is not to discourage intrusions or to simply allow the passage during the hours of darkness, but to enhance the environment in its entirety. So, it is good to keep two things in mind. First: if you are not an expert, it will be better to ask for advice from those who are. Second: it is essential to choose in an appropriate way not only which lighting systems are to be installed, but also the position they will have in the garden and with respect to the house, and the way in which they harmonize with the environment. For example, the lamps must have a style that respects that of the garden (modern with modern, classic with classic, rustic with rustic): the

How to create an illuminated garden

The illuminated gardensthey allow you to enhance a plant, a specific area or the entire green space through chiaroscuro and the creation of different atmospheres, depending on the area and your needs. In fact, light has always been used to convey sensations and to strike the soul of others. For this reason, therefore, before buying a lighting system, one should ideally place it in its future context and mentally visualize the effect that will be obtained in this way. Attention: the system should not be planned after the garden has been built, but the lighting and the environment must be created together, hand in hand. This is appropriate both because the effect is harmonious and complementary, and because of the practical aspects (wires, electrical sockets, humidity, presence of water, etc.).

Styles and types of lamps

There are different types of lighted gardens, each of which uses light to create a different effect, in line with your style. For example, in gardens where there are English lawns, the perimeter paths and paths are enhanced by a recessed effect. Or you can bring out a plant or a composition of different plants, through the use of particular projectors. Recessed ground lamps, on the other hand, are used to project light upwards, to illuminate above all tall trees. These particular types of lamps, in addition to being very economical, are built in such a way that they do not suffer any damage from atmospheric agents or if they are walked on. Unlike the floor lamps (which can be easily moved), the wall lamps must be placed at the top,

Illuminated gardens: Diversifying lighting systems

To create illuminated gardensof strong visual impact, it is advisable to decide to diversify the lighting systems. The lamps must be chosen according to the effect you want to create and the surface they have to illuminate: for example, cold lights will be good for colored surfaces; on the contrary, stone and concrete need warm lights. Illuminated gardens of great effect can use a lighting system based on luminous spheres (which have a refined and elegant appearance, and which diffuse a soft light). Alternatively, you can opt for lamps inserted in the same pieces of outdoor furniture, or statues or vases. One last detail: illuminated gardens can also be created with ordinary candles. Obviously, care must be taken to place them in the right places and that the wax does not damage the plants or the

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