Indoor fake plants

How to choose them

When we decide to complete the furniture of our apartment with fake plants, the choice must be made very carefully. If we are not sure, we must focus on very simple and not very colorful plants, first considering the space available and the type of furniture. If we have a lot of space we choose climbing plants to put near a wall, they can be very effective, if we are not sure, the best choice is to stay on the classic, for example a fern or a ficus. On the market there are also colored ones, they can be suitable for a kitchen or a bathroom. White orchids are very suitable to be placed on the table in a living room or at the entrance, white and pink begonias on the kitchen shelves, a tall plant will be ideal in a corner of the room.

The materials

The fake plants are made with synthetic materials, they are generally used as a furnishing accessory for apartments, their realization is so perfect that it is difficult to distinguish a fake plant from a real one, this is because the materials with which they are made reflect the naturalness and flexibility. real plants. Faux indoor plants don’t necessarily have to be made of fine fabrics like silk and organza, as long as they’re not made from toxic materials. On the market you can also find plants that give off the scent of natural ones, but be careful because sometimes these fragrances being chemical can give problems to our body, more sought after are the plants scented with essential oils that in addition to deodorising the environment have an effect relaxing on the body.

How to keep them clean

It is increasingly popular to use fake plants to decorate apartments, as they are made with synthetic materials and tend to get dusty. Fake plants need to be dusted and cleaned from time to time, but how to do it without damaging them? There are various procedures to keep our plants clean, we can pass on the leaves a delicate jet of air with a hairdryer, if instead we want to wash them because they are blackened by time or by kitchen fumes, we prepare a solution with water and degreaser, with a sponge soft soap the leaves very gently, with another soft sponge we remove the soap and proceed to drying with a hairdryer, taking care that the jet is warm air. For the flowers we prepare a solution with water and neutral soap and proceed in the same way.

Indoor fake plants: when to give them

Fake plants are suitable for many occasions, they can be given as a gift to inaugurate the purchase of a new apartment or a new business, a composition of succulents or other indoor plants such as ficus are ideal especially if we are sure that the owner home spends many hours away from home for work, while it is not nice to give fake plants for birthday parties, graduation parties or other ceremonies. Fake plants can be given as gifts for Christmas decorations, think of poinsettias or fir trees, they are preferred to real ones also to safeguard nature. It is not recommended to give fake plants or flowers for an engagement, a wedding anniversary or a funeral, they are not even used for wedding decorations unless it is a film set.

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