Indoor flowers

Indoor plants and flowers

If you have decided to make your home more welcoming with indoor plants and flowers, you must first consider the amount of light available, the internal temperature, the time you have to dedicate to the care of the plants and the space available. Once you have considered this, you can go to a nursery and get advice on indoor plants and flowersthat best suits your home. Succulent plants, with large or flowering leaves, there are many varieties available, the important thing is to choose the one that can best develop in your apartment. Plants such as dracaenas require little light and adapt to being behind a door or in a dimly lit corner. Begonias, Ferns and Sanseverias prefer the penumbra, while Ficus, Anthurium orchids. Spathiphyllum require bright spots if you want to see them in bloom.

Ficus benjamina and Begonia Rex

Ficus benjamina is an evergreen plant of Asian origin, with long and deciduous leaves, it lends itself very well to being a houseplant. There are several varieties, they require little care. They must be potted in a soft and well-drained soil and develop in warm and bright environments, only during the summer they must stay in semi-shade. It must be watered regularly in order to keep the soil always moist in order to avoid the development of some parasites. The Begonia Rex among the indoor flowersit is the one that is certainly characterized by its colored heart-shaped leaves, of red, black, green and silver in contrast with the pale pink of the delicate flowers. To grow and develop, the plant requires a warm and bright environment, but not direct sunlight. It must be watered only when the soil becomes dry and in spring it is necessary to repot with soil mixed with peat and sand.

Indoor flowers: orchids

Orchids are the indoor flowers that are best suited to adorn the environment with their colors and elegance. There are several species of orchids, the best to be grown in the apartment are the tropical species, which can best adapt to the warm climate throughout the year. The phalaenopsis and dendrobium species are the ones that are best suited to living indoors and if well cared for offer year-round blooms. A fundamental element for these indoor flowers is light, they must be in a bright environment, not in direct sunlight and away from sources of heat and drafts. Being a tropical plant they need humidity and warm temperatures. They should be watered every three or five days to keep the soil drained and the leaves need to be steamed regularly.

Cyclamen with their green leaves and its particular white, pink, red or shaded flowers are perfect for growing indoors. Originating in Europe, there are 15 varieties, some of which also arise spontaneously in the woods. As indoor flowers the bulbs must be planted in pots, covered with soil formed by earth, peat and sand in equal parts. They must be kept away from heat source and too dry air. Watering must take place every two or three days, putting water in the vase and vaporizing the leaves, when there are no flowers. Furthermore, dried flowers and leaves must be constantly cleaned to avoid the formation of parasites. Finally, they must be fertilized at least once a month with liquid fertilizer suitable for indoor plants and flowers, rich in nitrogen and potassium. Source: littlecloudydreams.

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