Infinity pools

The swimming pool in the house

Admiring a swimming pool in your garden is a very rare privilege, especially if we are not used to going to places like Bel Air or Beverly Hills, where there are only billionaires in mega-villas on the sea. In the common world, which we would like to remember is our everyday world, a villa with an adjoining pool in the garden is a rather rare thing, and it is very easy to see why. The conditions necessary to be able to afford a swimming pool are varied and not easy to fulfill, in fact they are characterized as problems of space and economic availability. The necessary space, i.e. the garden in most cases, must be large enough and indicatively much larger than the surface of the pool itself. The latter is obviously not an obligation, but an advice, because it is necessary to guarantee a certain possibility of free movement around the pool, so as not to always pass close to the edges, which can be dangerous when we carry shopping for example or if children or the elderly pass by the pool. The other condition, the economic one, means that the money needed to commission all the works for a swimming pool are huge and important, especially if we are talking about the infinity pools, the subject of our discussion today.

The infinity pools

We have talked a lot in our sections and in all the articles on this site about the great differences that exist between the pools under construction and modular and the inflatable pools with an exposed structure, even if they are always pools and their use is almost the same. same. Not only is there a discussion of definitive works, because it is clear that the hollowed pools are difficult to move, but also of the amount of money spent, by no means negligible. So here we come to today’s central theme, that is how much more an infinity pool costs than the more affordable solutions already examined in other articles (inflatable and exposed structure pools). Let’s say immediately that the infinity pools have an enormous value, that of transforming the garden and the appearance of the whole thing, making them exclusive and luxurious, beautiful to look at and almost eager to be possessed. This is one of the effects most sought after by those who commission the construction of an infinity pool, as the psychological component of feeling materially satisfied is very important, as well as being pleasant to hear compliments from all the people they admire. our property.

The models of swimming pools

The infinity pools are characterized by their definitive character; in fact we see how impossible it is for an owner of an inground swimming pool to decide to commission works to have it removed or even just move or modify some fundamental part, works that would be much more expensive and huge than even the initial ones. Of course, being a sheikh or an oilman could be done, but we still think it is very difficult. That’s why when you build something like this you try to get the maximum, in beauty and comfort equipment, just to avoid second thoughts and destructive work. In general, however, the infinity pools are divided into modular pools and pools built in masonry. The first are prefabricated tanks that are suitably placed in excavations in the ground and fixed, in order to combine the appearance and functionality of a classic swimming pool with the advantage of prefabrication, in terms of both economic and time required for the operations. Instead, the pools built in masonry are the renowned pools, the first built and currently still the most widespread: they are built from scratch, digging into the garden soil and adding all those materials that must then guarantee the structural support to the pool and the ‘insulation from the ground (concrete, tiles, beams, etc.).

Infinity pools: Times and costs

From the brief but complete descriptions we made in the previous paragraph (more extensive discussions can be found in dedicated articles on our site), it is easy to understand that modular pools require much less time and less money than pools built in masonry. This is actually very simple to understand, if you can think with the concept of the “prefabricated”, well known in the construction sector. If any component is manufactured by hand, individually, on commission, it is obvious that it has a much higher cost than a component built in series, industrially or in any case with a stage process, in advance of requests and therefore with stock. This fact, carried to the pools, it also raises the legitimate doubt of “in what shapes and sizes will modular pools be produced?”. This is the only negative note of modular swimming pools, the standardization that for many people is almost a crime, an outrage to the creativity and uniqueness of something you own, but to be balanced with the actual savings in time and money obtained. .

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