Infrared sauna

Use of infrared rays

The sauna is a tradition of very ancient origins; more recent is the infrared sauna, developed in Japan in the 1960s and originally considered a medical tool due to the many benefits it brings to the body. Infrared rays are invisible electromagnetic waves that are part of the light to which our body is exposed every day and represent about 50% of the rays emitted by the sun and conduct its heat to the earth. Their beneficial properties have been known since ancient times and in the infrared sauna they are exploited to the maximum to offer the best benefits to the body during a pleasant and relaxing session. The infrared rays are able to cross all the layers of the epidermis, guaranteeing direct effectiveness on the body’s tissues even more than the simple Finnish sauna based on steam diffusion. Present on the market as large professional structures, even private individuals can exploit the benefits of infrared saunas: their diffusion and installation for private use has given rise to a growing market of economic structures and within the reach of those who want to make wellness a daily appointment. .

Benefits of the infrared sauna

The infrared sauna is able to bring numerous and varied benefits to those who use it, acting at all levels on the human body. The heating system capable of acting in the depth allows the elimination of toxins and harmful substances through sweating, purifying both the kidneys and the skin, which will immediately appear brighter and with less impurities. The heat also causes muscle relaxation, which is why it is suitable for those with disorders of this nature or for those suffering from sciatica and arthritis. The benefits on a physical level are also added to those of a mental type: well-being translates into a reduction of stress and a pleasant feeling of relaxation, a useful remedy also against insomnia. From the point of view of health,

Differences with the Finnish sauna

If the benefits of the infrared sauna are similar to those of the Finnish sauna, there are different modes of action and functioning. The type of heat diffused, in fact, varies considerably, starting with the temperatures reached: while the Finnish sauna reaches 100 °, the infrared one reaches the perceived 60 – 80 °, and it is therefore possible to undergo the treatment for longer. In fact, it is possible to stay inside the Finnish sauna for just ten or fifteen minutes, while the sessions inside the infrared sauna can last twice as long without particular side effects for the body. Furthermore, the diffusion of heat is more general inside the steam sauna, while the sources of infrared radiation can be arranged in the targeted points to ensure maximum effectiveness on the person. The differences are also significant from a more practical point of view: the infrared sauna takes up much less space, with the same number of people who can use the structure at the same time, compared to a traditional Finnish sauna, so it can adapt to any space and any garden. If the structure is of excellent quality and maximum efficiency, the infrared sauna also consumes less energy than the traditional Finnish sauna, guaranteeing excellent benefits with significant savings in the bill.

Infrared sauna: Purchase and installation

The choice of the type of sauna to be installed in your garden must be made carefully and taking into account the type of operation and benefits. Since the sauna is not recommended for anyone and that it could be harmful if applied in the presence of some pathologies, before making the purchase it is good to check with your doctor that you can use it frequently. It is then necessary to keep in mind the characteristics of the garden, in order to identify the most practical positioning for use but which does not constitute, at the same time, an excessive encumbrance within the green space: we remind you that it is a structure designed to improve the quality of the life and time spent in total relaxation.

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