Infusion of parsley

Infusion of parsley

To prepare an excellent parsley infusion, you need to bring 1 liter of water to a boil, then add 100 grams of fresh parsley leaves and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Parsley is very easy to find, and fruit and vegetable retailers sometimes give it to customers as a gift. Growing on the balcony is also pretty simple. Instead of buying the seeds, you can place a seedling with roots in a pot and take care to water to take advantage of the parsley leaves every time you want to prepare an infusion.Parsley is an excellent ally for health and a cup of infusion is a concentrate of well-being. Among the best known properties there are the curative ones, moreover it exerts a detoxifying action and reduces the excess of gas in the

Parsley decoction

The parsley decoction is particularly indicated against scurvy. For its preparation, 70 grams of parsley leaves are boiled in two liters of water for an hour. It is not necessary to sip it when it is still hot, but it can be drunk throughout the day. To counteract edema, on the other hand, 100 grams of parsley roots must be brought to a boil in 1 liter of water for half an hour. By adding a spoonful of horsetail and a spoonful of goldenrod you can get a detox drink that lasts a long time and can be consumed in two weeks. A natural remedy indicated for alcoholics is parsley decoctionwith peel of untreated oranges and lemons. After the appropriate filtering operations with a colander, it can be kept in the fridge for about a week.

Contraindications of parsley infusion

Even if the parsley infusion has miraculous properties it is recommended to pay close attention to the quantity to be taken because the opposite effects to those desired could occur. Its diuretic effects are well known, but excessive consumption can damage the kidneys. Before embarking on any therapy based on infusion or decoction of parsley, it is necessary to contact a herbalist who will explain the correct quantities and methods of intake. According to popular tradition, parsley was used for abortive use. A higher than normal quantity can in fact cause bleeding which causes the uterus to contract and the subsequent expulsion of the fertilized egg. It can also cause serious diseases that prevent the blood from clotting including «intravasal coagulopathy».

Hidden qualities of parsley

One of the hidden qualities of parsley relates to the hair. Making an infusion of parsleyand applying it to the hair you get a lotion with a lightening effect. The preparation is quite simple, in fact it is only necessary to bring a tuft of fresh parsley to a boil in a quantity of water equal to two cups for about 40 minutes. The lotion can be used immediately after shampooing, it leaves a pleasant smell and therefore there is no need to rinse. In about two weeks the hair will be naturally lightened by at least two shades. The same lotion can be used as a facial tonic to prevent wrinkles and skin aging. Parsley seeds, on the other hand, have the same action as fennel seeds and are very useful for promoting the elimination of intestinal gas.

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